Canadian bishops’ development arm rocked by internal divisions

The French-language Radio-Canada profiled D&P’s internal crisis in a 13-minute documentary on Nov. 4th, highlighting the so-called “virulent attacks” levied against it by LifeSiteNews and the SoCon or Bust blog…(Source)

Click on the “profiled” link above.  Socon or Bust and the Legionnaires of St. Maurice are featured at 1:16-1:30 and 6:49-7:00 marks.

The Legionnaires of St. Maurice doesn’t have anyone in it yet, except me.   That’s worth sharing because the CBC got suckered in and used it.  Bahahahaha.

Of course the whole “documentary” is completely skewed and misses the point.

But just the same…congrats to all the Busters out there who helped make Socon or Bust an abortion killer and vanquisher of the enemies of the unborn.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

And, of course, a hearty congratulations to LifeSiteNews – the shamers of the Catholic (or otherwise) lapdog press.

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