Canadian bishops’ conference denies that agency supports pro-abortion groups

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has insisted that its overseas-development agency has no involvement with groups that promote abortion. Archbishop James Weisgerber, the president of the CCCB, said that an investigation uncovered “no evidence” that the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace had provided support for groups that promote legal abortion in Latin American countries.

Ironically, the CCCB statement was issued just as Vatican Radio aired a report on complaints from the Peruvian bishops, who said that the Canadian agency had indeed given support to groups agitating for unrestricted abortion in that country. The LifeSite News service has provided evidence that the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace also gave support to pro-abortion groups in Mexico and other countries. A series of exposés by LifeSite News has been sufficient to convince several Canadian bishops to suspend diocesan funding for the agency.

Nevertheless Archbishop Weisgerber said that there was no basis for the complaints. “We support this organization,” he said. In an obvious slap at LifeSite News, the archbishop invoked the authority of the hierarchy as the basis for his sweeping statement. “What is at issue is authority in the Catholic Church,” he said. “Is it web sites or is it the Catholic Church?’  (Catholic

One thought on “Canadian bishops’ conference denies that agency supports pro-abortion groups

  1. Thank you for all inquiries. As catholic we have to work together. The canadian case is not one and only.
    In France we have the same with CCFD (Comité catholique contre la faim et pour le développement) which is our CCODP !
    I just publish a book “Le terrorisme pastoral”, “Pastoral terrorism”. In chapter 4 “le CCFD et l’Evangile de la vie” I give the proof about the CCFD involment in abortion and contraception. But officialy CCFD silent about because it should recieve less money from catholics and it should lose confidence of african bishops ! The book is avaliable in Canada.
    The french bishops have the same attitude than canadian.
    As journalist of Le Figaro Magazine I publish in 1985 “Eglise et Subversion” about CCFD funding of communist support associations all around the world. CCFD took proceedings against me but I won !
    Melius est ut scandalum oriatur quam veritas relinquatur !
    Congratulations for your excellent catholic job.

    Jean-Pierre Moreau

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