I’ve Been “excommunicated”…sort of.

Below is an article that appeared on the Catholic Register’s website today.  Some of the remarks by the Archbishop are absolutely astounding.

I take particular exception to the last comment where the Archbishop targets “bloggers” and tells us that we’re “not part of the Church“.  Now, I don’t how many Catholic blogs are covering this on a daily basis or even regularly, but it’s a pretty safe bet that his Grace was referring to this blog and yours truly, given my involvement in the D&P abortion scandal thusfar.

If what he says is true, then I’ve been de facto excommunicated.  (LifeSiteNews gets off because they are not a blog. They’re a news organization with a rather substantial budget for a web-based news service, although admittedly their budget is not even close to what D&P scams Catholics for. Perhaps that will change after this fiasco runs its course. In fact, why don’t you consider making a donation right now to reward them for their fidelity to the Church and the Gospel of Life.  Lord knows fidelity among Catholic leadership today needs to be encouraged and supported.)

So, folks, there you have it.

I’m no longer Catholic.  I’ve been cut off. And I didn’t even get a trial. No charges. No witnesses. No evidence.

If we’re not part of the hierarchy, we don’t count. We’re not part of the church; we’re not Catholic.

Then again, are we surprised that such a judgement is reached when D&P gets a free pass?

I will be posting my rebuttal to Msgr. Weisgerber’s remarks (denoted in red below) tomorrow at lunch time…along with an apologia of how to remain Catholic when our bishops scandalize and persecute us.

Peace of Jesus,

John “Not Part of the Church” Pacheco

The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace’s Mexican partners were “imprudent” when they signed a civil society submission to the United Nations on human rights, but Canada’s bishops have found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Development and Peace or its partners, Archbishop James Weisgerber has declared. The report into allegations made by LifeSiteNews.com that Development and Peace funded Mexican groups lobbying in favour of legal abortion will include recommendations for tighter protocols on future partnerships, but those recommendations won’t be revealed until all the bishops have had a chance to read the report, said the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ president.

Weisgerber reversed his earlier decision not to speak about the investigation findings before all the bishops had read the report, prepared by two bishops who travelled to Mexico April 15 to 18 to speak to Development and Peace partners and to Mexican bishops.

“This thing is heating up,” he said. “Before we release all the recommendations, I’m just giving an overall impression — given the fact that the group found no difficulty.”

Development and Peace is prepared to re-examine its protocols for engaging partners, said spokeswoman Wanda Potrykus. But it’s not as if it just hands money out with no strings attached, she said.

“Anything we allocate money to, we have written reports that have to be submitted showing how the money was spent and whether it was spent as it was intended,” said Potrykus.

The archdiocese of Toronto won’t decide whether it will release ShareLife money to Development and Peace before the report has been read by all the bishops and the CCCBhas agreed on a course of action, said spokesman Neil MacCarthy. Archbishop Thomas Collins has vowed that no ShareLife money will go to Development and Peace if there is evidence it is helping fund pro-abortion advocacy.

But, MacCarthy added, “We also recognize that we need to make a decision on the 2009 allocation before the end of our fiscal year, which is July 31.”

“I would hope on the basis of that (report) the dioceses would give their money,” said Weisgerber.

Weisgerber is urging Catholics to turn to their bishops rather than blogs and web sites when it comes to defining who or what is Catholic.

“People are taking interpretations and making them fact. People are believing these facts as though they were indisputable, when clearly they are very disputable,” said Weisgerber. “They are interpretations from a political standpoint.”

It is not necessary that Development and Peace work only with groups that espouse Catholic moral teaching, said Weisgerber.

“It is also very clear from the direction given by Pope John XXIII and by the (Second Vatican) Council that the church is to work with other people — but not, in a sense, blindly,” he said.

Weisgerber used the example of yearly Vatican contributions to UNICEF, the United Nations agency for children with which the Vatican has disagreed on contraception and abortion policy. Vatican donations are earmarked for specific programs or projects which reflect Vatican priorities.

“We give money to projects, not to organizations,” he said.

The bishops are seeking clarification on a letter sent from the president of the Peruvian bishops’ Commission on Family, Childhood and Life to Weisgerber. The May 28 letter from Archbishop Jose Antonio Eguren Anselmi claims three Development and Peace partners in Peru are “very committed with the pro-abortion movement here in Peru.”

“For this to come, again from a commission to me and to be released to the public before I receive the letter — there’s an agenda at work here,” Weisgerber said.

Weisgerber regrets the controversy has distracted people from the bishops’ development agency’s core purpose.

“Our first responsibility … is to help poor people,” he said.

The role of web sites in stirring controversy has become a challenge for bishops.

“These bloggers who claim to be more Catholic than anyone — I think first of all they’re not part of the church, they’re not Catholic in the sense that they have no mandate, they have no authority, they have no accountability. And they speak very, very definitively about what it means to be Catholic, and they’re followed by so many people… the bishops I think take a more reasoned approach to the whole thing.” (Source)


A Foundation Built On Sand


17 thoughts on “I’ve Been “excommunicated”…sort of.

  1. In the article above, Archbishop Weisberger tried to justify D&P’s actions by claiming that the Vatican provides financial support to UNICEF, despite ideological differences on abortion and contraception.

    Guess what? The Vatican STOPPED funding UNICEF way back in 1996 precisely because that organization was pushing for a liberalization of abortion laws in developing countries. UNICEF was denying the charges at the time.

    Sound familiar? The Vatican’s example towards UNICEF is a rebuke to the CCCB. The Vatican did exactly what we are asking the CCCB to do.

  2. The following is taken from the Catholic Network for Women’s Equality: (CNWE) 2008 Report:

    “…..There is much to report about our activities this year.

    # 8. Election of Archbishop James Weisgerber to Presidency of Canadian Catholic Bishops Conference: A possible Glimmer of light – We take heart in the election of a man known for his pastoral skills and liberal leaning.”

    I saved this report quite a while ago – though I no longer see it in archives on the CNWE website.

    Pax Christi,
    Teresa B.

  3. John, now you know what Martin Luther was up against 500 years ago! Not much has apparently changed in the big “C” Catholic Church. Dialogue and discussion are certainly not an option. I am sure Luther and all the reformers are “high fiveing” each other right now around the holy court.

    Weisgerber is proving that the reformation was an absolute necessity. Now, then again, maybe he does have a redeeming value after all. Thanks Bishop

  4. The Archbishop has no authority to excommunicate you.

    In any case, he didn’t mean you were out of the Church, but rather than you have no mandate.

  5. Maybe, Suzanne. But look at how he phrases his response!

    Unless you have episcopal authority, you aren’t “Catholic”.

    I think I know what he is trying to say, but it’s very clumsy to start it with “they are not part of the Church”.

  6. His Grace’s comments are a reflection of the low opinion he holds of the intelligence of the modern laity and our ability to self-catechize using the resources available on the Internet. A generation ago, when the quality of catechesis began to slip (ask a forty-year old Catholic today to name the cardinal virtues or even the ten commandments, then ask an eighty-year old Catholic to do the same, and you’ll see what I mean), the lay Catholic had no idea of what he was missing out on. Nowadays, we do, and we take great care to form our consciences properly.

    Take a lesson from this, please, Your Grace. Catholic bloggers are not just a bunch of ill-informed rednecks.

  7. One thing is becoming clearer and clearer to me. And that is that Archbishop Weisgerber knows exactly what D&P is doing, and he himself is very much complicit in it.

    His attempt to whitewash this whole thing is not only a cover up of D&P but also a cover up of his personal involvement in these anti-life initiatives. I have a feeling that if he lets his “friends” at D&P hang on this, they would respond by exposing his involvement. He is in this thing deep, and everything happening at the moment is a desperate attempt at self-preservation.

    Let there please be one holy bishop in Canada that sees this whole fiasco for what it really is and refuses to no just go along but also speaks out about it. Just one…..and we may see the beginning of the cleansing of the church in our country.

  8. John,

    Your website and many other online lay ventures have heeded the pope’s call to evangelize the world online, when the church leadership has failed. Thank you so much!

    He attacks you because you and others have provided leadership where he has failed. If it was up to his generation of bishops, none of us would have learned about the faith. We had to go to online websites, and to books like the catechism which was published by Rome.

    Thank you for this service! I think I’ll take a break from supporting the CCCB and perhaps send money to the fine bishops in Peru and to Lifesitenews instead of putting it in the basket until they straighten this stuff out. Maybe you could organize something where people fund the diocese of those Peruvian bishops who wrote that letter instead of their own dioceses until the Canadian bishops leadership stops fighting against the universal church.


  9. Neil,

    I was thinking the same thing about helping the Church in Peru.

    Stay tuned for that venture. I’ll try to get it up in the next couple of days.

  10. I think what Archbishop Weisberger is saying is that unless you have an official mandate and/or official authority, you can’t evangelize through the web. So let’s pack our bags and leave the work to the ordained and those who have a mandate from the ordained. But wait, didn’t the Pope tell all the faithful a while ago to use the media in evangelization? So who is right? The Pope or the Archbishop? Who has authority on this matter?

  11. This is a massive abuse of his authority.

    There will be reprecussions to this that extend well beyond the borders of Canada.

    If the bishops of this country do not oppose this man, the rocks will cry out.

  12. John 16:2-3:

    “They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me.”

  13. Hi John,
    When I read the article this morning, the first thought that went through my head was, Oh boy they are talking about John. Some of these Bishops have no shame. They tolerate, even encourage various enemies within our Church and then condemn those who are faithful. How is this allowed to happen? Anyway, I am there for you brother.

  14. I wonder if we’re gonna end up like some Anglican parishes in Canada that asked to be placed under the authority of more orthodox African bishops in order to remain faithful to traditional marriage.

    Are we headed for a schism like them?

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