Canadian Bishops Allow D&P Too Much Latitude

The delegates from Development and Peace as well as from the Conference of Bishops were pleased to have the opportunity to meet, and agreed to meet regularly several times a year. In addition, they indicated their openness to meet more often if special issues arose. As well as laying the groundwork for working together and future meetings, they agreed to issue joint communiqués after each meeting. Furthermore it was also agreed to establish an ad hoc working group to assist in reviewing several draft policy documents that are being prepared by CCODP. (Source)

That’s just great.  They’re letting D&P Management drive the bus.  This is simply now absurd.  Absolutely absurd.

I want to know one thing:  will Development & Peace and the bishops of this country publish the names of the groups that they are funding?  I suspect that they won’t, and that my friends tells us all that we need to know about them. 

If the answer is yes, then where is the list? WHERE IS IT?

Socon or Bust will be publishing more evidence of D&P’s sponsorship of anti-life groups next week.

It’s so very sad that, as we approach three years of this scandal, the CCCB and the Bishops of the Canadian Church simply refuse to acknowledge the reality and simply refuse to take responsibility.

That damn Winnipeg Statement really did us in.

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