Canadian Bishop Claims That It Doesn’t Matter If You Support Abortion, You’re “Not Estranged From The Church In Any Way”

…“Mr. Trudeau is a practicing Catholic, married in the Church with two children. He is not estranged from the Church in any way,” Plouffe said in a statement to the school board, obtained by LifeSiteNews. “In many ways he can be a source of inspiration to the youth.”…(Source)

Episcopal Line:

  • Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe (1987)
  • Archbishop Marcel André J. Gervais (1980)
  • Bishop John Michael Sherlock (1974)

Principal Consecrator of:

  • Archbishop Paul-André Durocher
  • Bishop Brian Joseph Dunn


It explains much.

72.14 years old.   2 years 11 months left until +Plouffe’s retirement.

When your hope is fading….look to the biological solution for strength.

No doubt there will be an outcry from CanChurch over this mockery of Catholic teaching and insult to innocent human life. 


I don’t doubt the Borg will be responsible for keeping all of our brave bishops quiet…because, after all,  phony unity must be preserved at all costs!

The legacy of the Winnipeg Statement just keeps killing.


If you happen to be Catholic, or a Catholic ratepayer, we ask you to please join scheduled protests at the Catholic School Board office and at St. Charles College this Wednesday and Thursday, to demand that Trudeau’s talk be cancelled. Protests have been organized by local Catholics from 7:15am to 9:30am and from 2:45pm to 4:30pm at the school board office, located at Catholic Education Centre, 165A D’Youville St, Sudbury, ON, P3C 5E7.
Large banners designed by CLC will be provided as well as a few signs. If you make your own signs, please keep the message to “CANCEL JUSTIN” or “STOP TRUDEAU ABORTION SCANDAL”.

8 thoughts on “Canadian Bishop Claims That It Doesn’t Matter If You Support Abortion, You’re “Not Estranged From The Church In Any Way”

  1. When a politician is laughing at Christ’s Worldview, and then given a platform by Bishops to indoctrinate young Catholic students to do the same;then isn’t Christianity mocked by establishment? Any real Christian would not allow this kind of perversion to continue, by any Bishop’s decree.
    Merry Christmas.Jesus and His Worldview is the reason for Christmas. Life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all,including living human beings who ought to be safe in the warmth of their mothers wombs. These innocent children deserve our protection instead of Capital Punishment from so-called Catholic Bishops and Politicians.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Mr. Pacheco. I notified Canada’s papal nuncio, Archbishop Quintana via fax of this scandal using Life Site News’ article as backup. Shame on any bishop who would so cavalierly betray Catholic teaching! I

    • Not against Free Speech, only the misuse of any “Catholic” institution being used as a platform to promote teaching that contradicts that of the Church. Notice nobody protested Justin’s addresses at any secular platform. But you wouldn’t understand, mostly because you don’t want too. Their would have been no protest had he been invited to speak at a secular high school. And even though the Sudbury Catholic School board is indistinguishable from “secular” schools, they still have the name “catholic” in their title. So, if they remove “catholic” from their title, we would be just as happy, and they would stop being LIARS.

  3. No, we are against using the Catholic school system to support a politician is doing everything in his power to turn the culture away from God and the Truth. I have paid my separate school taxes to fund a system that will conform to Catholic teaching, not vilify it. There are hundreds of venues here in Sudbury for Trudeau to speak at. The Bishop is lending support to the assertion that Catholic politicians can make any law and still be a Catholic in good standing–which is clearly not what the Holy Father and other Catholic leaders have said. There is right and wrong in this world….and this is definitely wrong.

  4. Well said Laura. Too many so called Catholics prefer their own opinion instead of accepting the proper teaching of our Holy Father the Pope. I propagate receiving the H.Host on tongue. God wants to come in us, not in our unblessed hands. In 2008 started a yearly procession in the month of May to a church for Mary-crowning. I always make sign of cross before meal, also in restaurant. May God send us fine bishops; we need proper leaders.

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