Canadian bishop: A pro-abortion Catholic politician ‘could’ be denied Communion

As Federal Liberal leader and professed Catholic Justin Trudeau continues to resolutely defend his pro-abortion position, one Canadian bishop has come out saying that a “pro-abortion Catholic politician” could be denied reception of Holy Communion if “fraternal correction” proves unsuccessful.

Referring to the Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law, Ottawa’s Auxiliary Bishop Christian Riesbeck told, “Out of concern for safeguarding the reverence that is due Our Lord in the Eucharist, and to avoid scandal, one could possibly apply this norm even in the case of a pro-abortion Catholic politician who is extremely vocal about his position.”

Canon 915 states that those who are “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.” Following the teaching of Jesus in chapter six of the Gospel of John, Catholics believe Holy Communion to be the very body of Jesus himself. A Catholic must be in communion with Catholic teaching and belief to present oneself to receive Holy Communion at Mass….(Source)

Folks, Bishop Christian Riesbeck is just the kind of new blood in the Episcopacy that we need in order to show the public and ourselves that we mean business when we talk about denying Communion for obstinate pro-abortion politicians.  When was the last time you heard a Canadian bishop even consider such a proposal?  At least now, it’s a real possibility.  That’s a huge change in momentum for the Canadian Church, and it only takes one bishop to shift the dialogue from “should we do this?” to “why shouldn’t we?”  Subtle but huge. He’s a canon lawyer and sees things more in black and white than grey.  He has the full support of Archbishop Terrence Prendergast.

Go on.  Post a few comments of support in the comments box of this thread, and I’ll flip him the link.  He might very well be taking a lot of heat for his position, and he needs our support!

96 thoughts on “Canadian bishop: A pro-abortion Catholic politician ‘could’ be denied Communion

  1. Dear Bishop, thank you for having the moral courage to stand up for the unborn. Catholics are resolutely standing beside you.
    Sincerely, Mimi Scoretz.

  2. Dear Bishop Riesbeck,

    I am very glad that you have spoken out against the policy position that Justin Trudeau has adopted for the Liberal Party regarding abortion.
    It seems to be the mind of the Church, as in Canon Law, that a public person who publicly supports abortion should be spoken to in private to help him see the wrongness of his position. If after suitable time the person refuses to change, then the charitable thing would be to inform him that he is no longer a Catholic in good standing and is placing his eternal salvation in jeopardy and should not present himself for Holy Communion. It seems to me to be a profound lack of charity to allow the person to continue to receive Holy Communion in that state.
    I sincerely hope more Bishops will follow your lead and I hope pro abortion politicians will have a change of heart. God Bless, Fr. Gary

  3. Dear Bishop Riesbeck, I appreciate your concern with the concept that pro-lifers need not consider being MPs in the Liberal, or NDP, political parties. As a Canadian, and a pro-lifer, I appreciate that, according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, my rights are important, too. By the grace of God, may our Lord and Savior Jesus, by His Holy Spirit, guide you in speaking about this issue in truth and love and with Divine wisdom. All of us are sinners, yet God loves us anyway. This is a great opportunity to express God’s mercy and grace, while, at the same time, emphasizing the importance of freedom of conscience, speech, and faith.

  4. Thank you for your courage and God bless you and send his holy angels to protect you and keep you strong.

  5. Your Excellency, Bishop Christian Riesbeck;

    I thank you for your recent stand concerning Justin Trudeau. You are giving me so much hope for the future of the Church here in Canada. These faux Catholic politicians have been creating scandal for far too long and this kind of dissent has quite simply, got to be corrected once and for all. I pray your efforts will be more than fruitful and that this will be the start of the restoration indicated by Our Lady of Good Success in Her prophecies all those hundreds of years ago. Our Lady of Good Success, Ora Pro Nobis!!!

    Blessings, Cynthia <

  6. Thank you, Bishop, and may God help us all. It is hard to believe how the father of three small children, one a recent newborn, can be so adamant about a ‘woman’s right to choose’ with absolutely no regard for the baby. Has he looked at his babies and honestly asked himself this question?

    I often wonder how Pierre Trudeau felt about of his ‘choices’/legislations in later life.

    May God bless you for your courage. It is wonderful to have the support of our Catholic Church.

  7. I am looking forward to the day when bishops will be telling
    Catholic Politicians who support abortion, contraception, sodomy, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, etc ‘will’ be denied reception of Holy Communion. If they truly cared about the souls of these politicians they would enforce cannon 915. Not to mention the souls of countless ‘Catholics’ who follow the example of these politicians.

    You will note the use of the word ‘will’ as opposed to ‘would’ or ‘should’, this is intentional.

    I won’t vote for any politician that supports these immoral things, I destroyed my ballot in the last federal election because there was no ‘pro-life’ candidate. I put ‘pro-life’ in quotes because there is always a question of how ‘pro-life’ a particular candidate really is. For example at the last march for life in Washington a survey of the marchers showed that many of the marchers thought that contraception and sodomy (read ‘same sex marriage’) was just fine. Go figure!
    That makes them anti-abortion but not ‘pro-life’, there is a difference.

  8. Dear Bishop Riesbeck – God has heard our prayers and I know He will send the Holy Spirit to guide you in the task that you are undertaking. I do believe a woman has a choice but that should be before she has relations with a man and gets pregnant. I cannot believe a woman, knowing full well that it is a human being (and here in Canada a completely formed baby) can decide to kill it, because that’s what abortion is.
    I will pray for you as will thousands of others and support you in this great fight.
    May God bless you.


  9. Dear Bishop Riesbeck , thank you for your courageous public stand. Faithful Catholics have had enough of the hypocrisy and scandal caused by the pro abortion CINO (Catholics in name only) politicians and have begging our shepherds to act to protect the faith for years.
    We implore God’s blessing and protection upon Your Excellency.
    Luciano Toscan
    Guelph, Ontario

  10. Your Excellency Auxiliary Bishop Christian Riesbeck

    I support both you and His Grace Bishop Archbishop Terrence Prendergast in all of your efforts to return Holy Mother Church to her orthodox teachings, especially regarding the honour of Our Lord and Saviour in the Holy Eucharist. You will be reviled by unbelievers, especially in the liberal media, but as we all know, Our Lord was hated before we were. I will not repeat all that has already been sent to you, but after you have settled the matter of unworthy partaking of Holy Communion, perhaps you can get our “Catholic” Teacher’s Unions back to being true Catholics again.

    Yours in Christ,

    John Powell


  11. My prayers are with you…thks for standing up to false opinions expressed by Trudeau… are showing great courage,,,

    fred bukowski

  12. Your excellency auxiliary bishop,
    One courageous person in Christ can defeat the billion cowards. Lord is looking for those who can share his tongue and heart to be an instrument in His hand. It is Gods hand, it is not only issue of abortion, Christian persecution and butchering all over the world. Gays, sexual immorality, divorce, pre marital sex everything. Devil is using all tactics to destroy the church. It is time to rise up else will be late.


  13. God bless you Bishop Riesbeck! Our Lord needs strong shepherds like you to lead His sheep and help them to save their souls.

  14. Thank You so much for speaking out on this very important issue with Justin Trudeau. The right to life is a human right – not the right to abortion. Catholic teaching is very clear on this matter. If he wants to remain a practising Catholic, which means being able to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus, then he needs to repent or be refused. I pray that you will be given the strength and courage to deal effectively with Justin on this matter.

  15. It is high time that the discipline of the Church is being treated seriously again. Thank you, Your Grace, for doing exactly that. If there is no salvation outside the Church, there is no Church without discipline. One should not be able to call himself a Catholic and support un-Catholic ideas.

  16. As a fellow Christian but not of the Roman Catholic practice, I commend you on your stance and faithfulness to the teachings of Jesus Christ. One day Christ will also honour with His benediction-“well done good and faithful servant”

  17. Certainly Mr. Trudeau’s public comments & stand are very, very disturbing! Distrubing indeed! THANK YOU Bishops for your voice, your very clear, very concise response & consequences – heartfelt thanks & God’s Blessings!

  18. Your Excellency Auxiliary Bishop Christian Riesbeck:

    You have my full loyalty and support!!! Know that God has chosen you for a time just like this when Christians all over the world are under attack. May God give you abundant courage and perseverance…..We are living in a very paganistic society. God bless you

    Your sister in Christ

    Maureen Sullivan

  19. Parliament ought to pass a Bill into Law that states, children living in the warmth of their mothers wombs are persons. Killing these innocent children who have done nothing wrong is immoral. They need our protection not Capital Punishment! How many more precedents will this set for considering the elderly, or disabled etc.,non-persons too?

    After The Second World War,At The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials 10 Nazi leaders were indicted for the crimes against humanity of encouraging and compelling abortions. They said,” We did nothing wrong as our Government, and Supreme Court passed laws, that legalized our killing of these non-persons. We are innocent.” This excuse did not save them.
    “TRIALS OF WAR CRIMINAL”,Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC:U S G P O,Volume IV page 610

    My fellow democratic Canadians why are you doing the same thing. Abortion is a crime against humanity. Does the Nazi excuse sound familiar? Why are you now teaching Canadian schoolchildren Kinsey Sex Education,which normalizes abortion and morbid perversion, as so-called human rights? During two World Wars Canadian schoolchildren started their mornings with The Lord’s prayer,led by their teachers.

    Righteous Canadians please politically organize to change this scenario. Your elected politicians pass Bills into law that everyone has to live by,including innocent,impressionable schoolchildren.

  20. Your Grace,

    I write this note to offer you my prayers, and support.
    In your efforts to challenge our politicians in Canada. To respect the rights, and dignity of unborn children. The leader of the federal liberal party of Canada. Mr Trudeau identifies himself as a good catholic. But does not hold to the teachings of the Catholic faith regarding abortion. It is the role of the Bishops to be the first in line to correct Mr. Trudeau if he is to remain a Catholic in good standing. If not! He should not receive communion. Until a good confession has been made. The choice is his. May it be the right one.

  21. Dear Bishop Riesbeck,

    I send you prayers and support in the correction of Mr. Trudeau. A Catholic who should uphold the teachings of his Catholic faith. His attitude regarding members of his own party, and abortion need to be challenged. If he is unwilling to live his Catholic faith according to the teachings of the Church. He should not approach the sacrament of Holy Eucharist.


    Mach 1

  22. Thank God, we finally have a Bishop that speaks the truth and is not worried about being politically correct . Keep up the good work!

  23. Dear Bishop Reisbeck,
    Thank you for your steadfast courage in standing firm for the faith. The average pew dwellers are desperate for leadership in these trying times, and, thankfully, our wonderful bishops are speaking out. You speak for all people of faith, Bishop Reisbeck. Your pulpit is larger than you might imagine. Please continue to guide us, and bring the light of Christ to this world. Thank you.
    Be assured of the prayers of my family.
    May God continue to bless and support you.

  24. Dear Bishop,
    Thank you for standing up for our beautiful Catholic faith. Please continue to do so. I hope that many Catholics who voted Liberal in the past did not know the party they voted for was pro-abortion, now they will know & change their vote.
    You are in my prayers.

  25. Dear Bishop Reisbeck,
    The unborn, helpless, defenseless and voiceless thank you for your support! God bless you!

  26. It takes courage to speak the Truth, I had not seen this is Canada, until now, this is the Way, there is no other way. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless you!!

  27. Thank you for standing up for the rights of children to be born. Thank you for demonstrating that Mister Trudeau’s statements about supposedly being a good Catholic are false. You have the prayers and support of thousands upon thousands of the majority of Canadians who do believe in the rights of the unborn child. Please continue to do the work that must be done.

  28. So encouraging to see a bishop with the courage it takes to lead the faithful. Bishop Henry of Calgary refers to “Tweedledum and Tweedledee” in his criticism of politicians when it comes to the abortion debate, leaders within the church risk being labelled as one or the other too when they choose to soften their criticism of sin in favour of favourable public perception.

  29. Thank you for standing up for life. I hope and I pray that soon all of our Bishops and Priests will stand up for life as well as our government. For without life nothing else matters. Justin Trudeau should be excommunicated. You can’t pick and choose what part of the Catholic religion you want to follow….it’s all or none.

  30. Thank you Archbishop Prendergast and Bishop Riesbeck.

    You’ve done the Church a tremendous service. People do not learn by abstract concepts alone (e.g. “abortion is wrong”). They also need concrete examples. Trudeau currently stands as a concrete example that one can be Catholic and pro-abortion at the same time. So many sheep are being misled.

    Unfortunately, your recent statements will be quickly forgotten and will have been largely in vain if you do not take that final step of excommunication and denying communion if Trudeau remains unrepentant.

    Do it soon, before any talk of an election, so that your actions don’t get dismissed as political meddling.

  31. DearBishop Reisbeck,
    May our Dear Lord continue to give you strength. Perhaps your perspective will encourage other bishops and clergy to follow your example. I hope Justin Trudeau meets with you and changes his view on abortion, and the need to follow the party line. God keep and bless you.
    Eileen Ross

  32. Your Excellency Bishop C. Riesbeck:
    Thank you, thank you , thank you! May God’s Blessings be poured out upon you and all of our Bishops and priests who preach the Truth and His Gospels.
    Time for the public rescinding of the Winnipeg Statement!
    Keeping all in my prayers, asking God to Sanctify His Church in Canada and throughout the world with holy and orthodox clergy, women religious and laity.

  33. Your Excellency,

    Thank you for speaking up. You are an encouragement to us all and a true shepherd!

    God Bless!

  34. Thanks so much Bishop Riesbeck for standing up for the church for the unborn and for speaking the truth. God bless you.

  35. Dear Bishop Riesbeck,

    Please know that you have the full support of many Catholics in your decision to speak out about pro abortion Catholic politicians being refused Holy Communion. It takes courage to do so, and our credibility and faith are at stake. Stay strong and do not buckle to those who oppose your courageous words!

  36. Your Excellency, Bishop Christian Riesbeck;

    You ROCK! and are a tremendous inspiration to the Youth in the Diocese of Ottawa. Thank you for your recent statements in regards to Justin Trudeau. I pray God gives you strength, courage and words of wisdom if you get to meet with Justin. God Bless!!!

    Blessings, Julia Bredfeldt from ‘Challenge’

  37. Thank you for this. Thank you for finally addressing what so many remain silent about even when God Has deemed them to do otherwise which is to always put Him and His teachings first and foremost and to defend Him and His Truth , because it is what God requires of you in your position, and the Authority that has been given to you to do no less.
    May God be with you and Bless you abundantly for doing the only right thing, that pleases Jesus and Our Blessed Mary Mother and Queen in Heaven, and of course The Holy Ghost.

    In Jesus Joseph and Mary
    For Life

    Frances Wilkinson

  38. I am a recent convert to Catholicism. I try to be faithful to the teachings of the Church but I fall short more often than I care to admit. (Thank God for Confession!). I am deeply grateful for people like Bishop Riesbeck for standing up for the Faith and setting such a fine example for me and, I hope, others. It is very important that our Shepherds speak out on issues such as abortion and guide us along the right path to salvation. Thank-you Bishop Riesbeck and Archbishop Prendergast. God bless you and keep you safe. We need more leaders like you!

  39. Your Grace,
    We have prayed for many years for a Bishop who would be strong in supporting our Church’s teachings and values. As the Pope Francis has said, Communion is not the reward for being good.
    I do believe that an attempt to speak with Justin Trudeau to give him a chance to recant would be a step in the process of the refusal of Communion to him. If Trudeau persists in his pro-abortion stance then there should be consequences.

    As a result of experience, if one does take a strong stand, the suffering is always endured alone (with God’s help).

    As Bishop you will have the support of the people who are not afraid to take a stand with you, myself included.

    Prayers and God’s Love,
    Dureen (Coade)

    • Excellency, Thank you for your courageous statement regarding pro-abortion catholic politicians. These people have been giving public scandal for far too long. Protecting Holy Communion should be a priority for the Catholic Bishops.
      Ray Mawhinney.

  40. Your Excellency, thank you for your courageous statement regarding pro abortion catholic politicians. Ray.

  41. Your Excellency,

    I will support you and I will pray for you also. You may have a better opportunity to meet with the MP Trudeau. I know that we have in the Chartered of Right that the Human and Freedom Act we have all the rights to speak. I am a voice for the unborn and stand by this.

    May God bless you so may be able to speak to Mr Trudeau. I wish you well and my prayers to help you through this.

    Thank you and you will get the support you need.

    May God bless you, with Jesus by your side and our Blessed Mother.


  42. Dear Bishop Reisbeck: God and all the angels and saints and faithful Catholics are with you, dear Bishop. Stay firm. You speak the truth in Charity. “Blest are those persecuted for holiness sake; the reign of God is theirs.” Matthew 5:10.
    Blessings to you!

  43. Your Excellency,
    Thank you for your strong and steadfast stand against Mr. Trudeau’s pro-abortion approach.
    Please know that you will be in my prayers, asking for the grace of our Blessed Lord to be your strength and guide.

    Christina Sewell
    Kamloops, BC

  44. Dear Bishop Reisbeck,

    Your comments on Justin Trudeau’s position on Abortion,
    is the light many of us have been waiting for.
    Hopefully, other Shepherds will soon follow in your footsteps defending the unborn by proclaiming the truth in
    Catholic teaching.

    May our Lord support you with His choicest Blessings.
    Deacon Vince

  45. Trudeau is not the first politician to shoot himself in the foot. Now he is on a run-away train to nowhere. Who is giving him advice–the great deceiver? Fraternal correction is admirable and one hopes that it will reverse course for a soul in danger. It is the measure of a man when he can humble himself and step away from his pride to be able to hear the truth. Thank you Bishop for offering him a reminder of what it means to be Catholic. Please also give him a copy of the story and witness of his namesake, St. Justin, Martyr. He spokle eloquently for Christ
    and gave his life for the truth!

  46. Thank you so much Your Grace for speaking up for life. I pray that God will bless you and protect you always and give you strength as we the laity need our religious leaders to lead up .Thank you !!

  47. Thank you for standing for our precious roman catholic faith.We need more courageous clergy like youlife is very precious.

  48. As a Christian, it is my understanding that my Christian faith (views, ideology, beliefs)whatever one wants to call it, should be ones guiding light. Too many of our leaders profess Catholic beliefs but lead by following opinion polls in their quest for votes. Thank you bishop for guiding your flock as a true Bishop should. I often reflect on the great English saint. St. Thomas More when He said, “I am the kings faithful servant, but God’s first.” Bishop, you are God’s faithful servant and I thank you.

  49. Please keep up speaking on behalf of the unborn. I’m a product of an unplanned pregnancy, however my natural mother decided to place me up for adoption, instead of having me aborted.

    I’m one on the luckiest individual on the planet. Thank you your Grace for standing up for the most basic right of all: the right to life.

  50. Dear Bishop Reisbeck,
    Life is so PEACEFUL and JOYFUL when you stick with the TRUTH. So stand for JESUS and the TRUTH, please!

  51. Thank you Bishop Christian Riesbeck.

    May the Lord continue to strengthen, guide and direct you to do everything HE requires of you regarding Mr. Trudeau’s defiant position. You and Archbishop Prendergast are fully supported and lifted up in prayer daily. God bless.

  52. Bishop Christian,
    God bless you for standing up for the unborn and protecting our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. May Mary the Mother of God keep you under her mantle as you protect your sheep and proclaim the gospel with boldness and zeal.

    Rest assured of my prayers for you.

  53. Thank you Bishop Riesbeck and God bless you for speaking out publicly against this great evil. We need more shepherds like you to lead us and give us courage to do our part as well, in upholding the truth wherever and whenever we are called upon to do so. I will pray for you and for Archbishop Prendergast and commend your to the loving care of Our Lady.

  54. My heartfelt thanks for speaking out on our behalf. The press makes us feel so hounded… but they have forgotten that God sees within their hearts too and knows only too well truth from untruths.

    The church is badly in need of many more pastors like you.

    May God bless your efforts and keep you safe. We pray for you.

  55. Thank God for Bishop Riesbeck! And thank you Bishop for bringing this pertinent Catholic truth publicly to the attention of Mr. Trudeau. May God continue to grant you the same grace of the Holy Spirit which empowered the apostles to preach the truth in the face of opposition. We will offer masses we attend and our daily rosary for your intentions. God bless you.
    Phil Doherty

  56. Dear Bishop Riesbeck,
    Praise God for your courage and may the Holy Spirit be your helper and guide. You have our support.
    God bless.
    Ben and Fiona Xavier- St Timothy’s parish- Toronto

  57. Dear Bishop Riesbeck,
    Thank you for your brave stand – The church and society is very fortunate to have strong church leaders like you.

  58. Your Excellency Auxiliary Bishop Christian Riesbeck,

    Thank you for the clarity of thought and doctrinal orthodoxy on this matter. May God bless you, Our Lady love you and St. Michael protect you always.

  59. God Bless you Bishop Riesbeck for standing up for the many innocent souls who need our help. May God give you strength and may the Holy Spirit help you find the right words to speak. I will pray for your daily.

  60. Dear Bishop Riesbeck,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your principled stand! In the end it is always about souls and the Four Last Things. May God protect you and continue to fill your heart with holy boldness.

    Viva Cristo Rey!
    Donna Procher

    We need more bishops like you who will “take the heat” in order to speak the truth and feed the flock entrusted to them. What you have done, dear bishop, is given Catholics just like me and many others courage, hope and a wonderful example of moral strength and conviction. Now, if more of our faithful shepherds would rise up as we are all called to do (being soldiers for Christ in this battle of good vs. evil), can you imagine the change that could take place in the politics in this country that we love? There are many good and faithful Catholics who only need to be pointed in the right direction and they will do what is right. Imagine if our spiritual leaders, our shepherds, our bishops all stood up and gave us good, clear teaching in what we need to do as Catholics and what we cannot do as Catholics (including voting in good conscience)………the power that would have. Yes, it runs the risk of dividing the wheat from the chaff, but we are all called to make a choice and we may be surprised just how much wheat is out there and how much more would grow once the chaff is removed and there is room for the wheat!!! God bless you and please, please do not give up the good fight nor become subtle or heaven forbid “politically correct” in your words or actions. With God on your side you have nobody and nothing to fear. DEO GRATIAS!!!!

  62. Your Excellency, Auxiliary Bishop Riesbeck,

    Thank you for being a shepherd for Christ. We, as true Catholics, know that we have to speak up in the defense of the “unborn”. What is the point of knowing your faith if it is hidden under a “bushel”. The charter or any man-made law is not above God’s law. I will pray for you and ask the Holy Ghost to continue to guide and strengthen you.

  63. Thank you Bishop Riesbeck,
    Your actions and words inspire me and give me great hope. I am praying for you and see your courage to speak out for the truth as such a blessing in our society today. Please keep it up and know that you have the laity’s support. God Bless!!

  64. Your Grace,

    Thank you for being a true shepherd of Christ. May other bishops and clergy stand up against political correctness – it is the best way to evangelize and bring the truth and light of Christ into our dark, deceived world.

    May the Holy Spirit continue to bless and give our priests, bishops and Pope Francis the wisdom and grace to deal with the issues of abortion, homosexuality and euthanasia.

  65. May God Bless you for having the courage to stand up for what is Catholic Doctrine. May Justin Trudeau see the seriousness of promoting a culture of death & return to what matters most life in all stages is sacred & given by God. If he continues to promote Pro Choice, Mr Trudeau must face the consequence of excommunication as he obviously does not support Catholic Doctrine

  66. Bishop Riesbeck,

    Thank you for your public stand on a topic that needs people to make a public stand. I was horrified when I watched Justin Trudeau’s announcement that all Liberal Party members would be required to vote Pro Choice; where previously the “official” stance at least was to vote according to conscience (although I’m sure their were many inner pressures to vote pro-choice). I’m horrified that in our country where we boast of freedom, a government official could actually say that people can not vote according to their conscience!!!! That’s not democracy. That is a dictatorship! We want Trudeau OUT. I think it’s time to completely re-think the Liberal party.

    I cry out to all other Church leaders, and political leaders, please make a public stand. Democracy in Canada is slowly giving rise to Dictatorship, as we stay publicly silent.

    • I commend the Bishop in his stand to give warning to those under his spiritual care who publicly make a stand against against divine commands that protect the unborn and use their political will to force others to go against their conscience.
      I am not Roman Catholic but I see great leadership in this Bishop and encourage leadership from the Protestants to do the same when members in their flock, in a similar situation, would publicly go against divine commands.

  67. Thank God there are a few of our sheppards with a backbone willing to look after the flock. Thank you, Bishop Riesbeck, not only for caring about the souls of those who are lost in sin (supportors of pro-abortion),but especially for the most innocent, the child in the whomb. You have been truly blessed by God and given the courage to teach the Catholic faith without any ambiguity. We pray you won’t let anyone cause you to back down. God bless you.

  68. I would like to add my voice to those who have left comments in support of Bishop Riesbeck concerning his recent statement regarding those very public and vocal individuals, politicians in particular, who should refrain from causing further scandal to the faithful by presenting themselves for Communion after declaring their support for pro-abortion policies in Canada.

  69. Mrs Dale Barr - Regional Coordinator of Ontario for "Silent No More Awareness Campaign" on said:

    Many times in the prolife movement and in life in general, we are “all talk, no action”. Bishop Christian has taken a pro active stance in the defense of the unborn and for this I am very happy! It reminds me of an old proverb that states, “it is better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness”. I had an abortion at 16 which I totally regret! On behalf of myself and my aborted baby (Billie Joe) I thank you Bishop. 🙂 for being an awesome Leader and Defender.

  70. I fully stand behind our Arch Bishop and the Bishop on this matter.

    Thank you for the strong leadership. We need it. Shall keep you both in prayer

  71. The Bishop has tremendous support with respect to this issue. However, I would go even farther and support Justin Trudeau’s excommunication. He has brought shame to the Roman Catholic Church.

  72. Thank You Bishop for speaking up and being an example of a good shepherd leading his flock! I pray for your continued strength, perseverance and courage to continue to fight for LIFE and our teachings as Catholic.

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