Canada’s Universities: “No free speech, please. It causes disturbances.”

CALGARY, Alberta, November 19, 2008 ( – The U of C is again attempting to censor student members of the campus pro-life club by threatening them with arrest and sanctions for non-academic misconduct (including the possibility of suspension and expulsion) if they do not comply with an order to turn Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) displays inward. GAP is a graphic exhibit which includes photographs of unborn babies who have been aborted.
U of C lawyer Paul Beke addressed a letter to pro-life club members which said, “The university has the right to control what people do on its private property,” and stated that the university wants the display set up so “passersby could avoid the displays if they were to wish.”University officials have also told the Calgary Police that the GAP display poses a threat of violence.An editorial in the Calgary Herald yesterday, however, said that “the only violence here is that being done to the principles of free speech.” (See “No good reason to squelch this debate”)Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, commenting on the university’s attempt to censor the pro-life club said, “There is an important principle of free expression on campus at stake here. Universities should not be allowed to censor controversial, unpopular or minority viewpoints. If the University of Calgary can censor GAP (on the basis of anonymous complaints from people claiming to be offended), this will have direct implications and consequences for all persons on university campuses throughout Canada (not to mention the state of free expression off-campus)….”

Mama, don’t let your kids go to Canada’s secular universities.  It’s a place of indoctrination for post-abortive elites to pump in their toxic worldview which brooks no dissent and tolerates no other opinions.

Again, it’s Leftists. It’s always Leftists. Every. Time.

Beke’s letter claims the U of C fears violence if the pro-life display goes up.  And by whom would this violence be perpetrated?  Pro-lifers? Or Pro-Aborts? I think we all know the answer to that one. U.S. VersionCanadian Version.

What we have here is the “Academic Authority” providing cover for the thugs and those who refuse to face the truth.

Pathetic. Canada’s universities have long since abandoned the pursuit of truth and virtue.  It’s all self absorption now. 

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