Canada’s pro-life movement gets a slick, youthful rebranding

In the Toronto Star, of all places.

…What this generation faces, however, is an especially hard battle. While they may have differing opinions on the morals of abortion, most Canadians strongly support a women’s legal right to the procedure.

“There’s no prospect of parliamentary change,” Sumner said. “There’s no practical effect that they can have. What they can’t really do is target some avenue in which things can change.”

Van Maren disagrees. The aim is to change public opinion, he says, which will then lead to changes in public policy.

“The hairline cracks are starting to form in the abortion consensus, and the more young people we throw at it, the bigger the cracks are going to get.”

Sumner’s observation, which is very common but actually very beneficial for our side from a tactical point of view, reminds me of that Iraqi Information Minister during the Iraq war. He just kept telling the viewing public that Saddam was in total control and winning the war, even though you could see the American advances right over his shoulder on the TV screen.

“Everything’s under control.  We’re OK, you’re OK.  No big changes coming. Don’t worry!”

One day when the pro-aborts wake up…it’s a new country and there won’t be…wait for it now…..any turning back the clock.  It’s all forward and progressive.  We’ll have moved beyond killing babies.  That’s was so ’60s.

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