Canada’s pro-choice culture warriors have lost their moorings

….Ashamed? For what? Voting her conscience on one of the most important bioethical issues facing humanity? For supporting some measure of parliamentary courage in remedying a legislative vacuum that has existed in this country since the Supreme Court of Canada struck down our abortion law a quarter century ago?

Pro-choice militants cast abortion restrictions — at any stage of gestation — as a form of female slavery. And, perversely, they do this despite the fact that sex-selective abortion is eradicating millions of females from the earth every year — including some right here in Canada. Might it not be within the ambit of the Status of Women Minister to investigate whether the extermination of so many girl fetuses — including those viable outside the womb — is consistent with Canadian values?…(Source)

The logic of the other side’s arguments will ultimately sink them.  Who in their right mind would buy what they are selling?  I agree there is something to be ashamed of…but it’s not what Rona Ambrose represents.  It’s what the rabid feminists represent – a complete blindness to reality and the true feminine genius.  Hint to pro-abortionists:  you don’t become more “feminine” by killing what makes you (in large part) feminine. You don’t get to recreate and redefine what biology says you are.

One thought on “Canada’s pro-choice culture warriors have lost their moorings

  1. Pro-abortionists know full well that if there ever was a dialogue/debate/discussion on when human life begins they would lose a lot of support. For now, they’ve managed to muzzle public discussion about abortion with a lot of help from the courts, the media, so-called human-rights groups and radical feminist groups, not to mention the complicit cooperation of some Canadian Catholic Bishops. If the cat ever got out of the bag and there was public dialogue about it, especially in the political theatre, they know their ship would be very close to sinking. Most disturbing is the complicit support of some Canadian Catholic Bishops in their insistance, it would seem, in lending a supporting hand to providers and marketers of abortion services. A significant number of these Bishops are Quebec Bishops, and that should be where the Catholic pro-life movement should direct their efforts in terms of demanding explanations and requesting dialogue.

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