Canada’s Alice In Wonderland

Oh boy, this National Post article is a real humdinger folks. There’s plenty of rather outrageous stuff in it from the Queen Censor (that’s what the “Q.C.” stands for) herself, Jennifer Lynch, Q.C.:

 NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE — Faced with a growing controversy over human rights complaints and freedom of speech, the Canadian Human Rights Commission Tuesday launched a major independent review of how it deals with hate messages on the Internet.

“I’m a free speecher. I’m also a human rightser,” said Jennifer Lynch, chief commissioner of the CHRC. “We have a responsibility to lead the debate on how we can keep our policy up to date to effectively regulate hate on the Internet.”

Ms. Lynch, how dare you arrogate yourself with such a title as “freespeecher”. Your whole outfit represents the exact opposite of what freedom means to people who dare to speak their minds.   At least Dean Steacy had the integrity to admit that he didn’t give free speech “any value”.  That’s how your employees treat the subject “on the ground”.  Either you have no clue as to what your employees think about free speech and how it is applied in their jobs in persecuting the politically incorrect subclass of Canadian society or you are being disingenuous. Neither trait is fitting for someone who holds the post of Official Censor against the people of Canada.  If you’re a freespeecher, Ms. Lynch, I’m the president of Egale

She denied that her investigators have ever posted bigoted comments on the Internet, or engaged in entrapment, as has been frequently alleged. “We have not done that and I would not tolerate it,” she said.

Jennifer Lynch is like Alice-In-Wonderland, in her own little world of make-believe where, like the rules in her star chamber system, logic and reality don’t apply.

That said, she conceded that the “velocity” of the public debate “took all of us by surprise. It’s clear the public want to have the debate. Our job really is to animate and lead on the debate.”

No, Jenn. Your job is not to lead the debate.  That’s the #%$@$#$%#%#$ problem!  You don’t want to debate.  Debate is for people who believe in free speech.  Get it?!  Your job description right now as Queen Censor of All Canada is to SHUT DOWN THE DEBATE.  You’re getting your role all mixed up!

To recap Jennifer’s mission:  She wants to lead the debate over whether we should be allowed to debate.  Isn’t that a slice, everyone?

This is so foolish and stupid, I can hardly believe my eyes.

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