Canada is more of a banana republic than Panama

The State of the Website is Free
On January 6th, 2008 Free Dominion celebrated its seventh anniversary. Most years we post a “State of the Website Address” where we recall the site’s accomplishments of the past year and about our goals for the future. This year the address is a little bit late, but we are happy to announce that, after a year of harassment, the State of Free Dominion today is ‘Free’.

Back in 2002 Connie and I made some decisions designed to protect Free Dominion and its members if the political climate worsened in Canada.

First we made sure Free Dominion’s database and software were on a server in the USA where we would have First Amendment protection. At that time we also transferred ownership of the website to a corporation, Conn Esq Web Design Ltd. (the name that’s been at the bottom of every FD page for a number of years).

Conn Esq Web Design was originally intended to be a corporation offering internet design and programming services, holding Free Dominion as an example of its production. But in the past year the corporation has begun to see ownership of Free Dominion as too much of a potential liability because the website has become a target for individuals and government organizations determined to attack freedom of speech, using a variety of methods at their disposal. Considering the political climate in Canada today, Conn Esq Web Design Ltd. has made the corporate decision to sell Free Dominion to Liberty News Service Inc. of Panama City, Panama.

Liberty News Service’s corporate mission is to buy websites from individuals and corporations living in countries where free speech is under attack, and protect those websites from being shut down or seized by oppressive governments. LNS is now the legal owner of the Free Dominion database and software, all logs and information about FD members, and the domains, and Because it is not permissible to transfer a dot ca domain to a foreign corporation, we will retain, which will continue to point to

Within a very short time frame, Connie and I will be stepping down as administrators of Free Dominion to become the site’s Lead Moderators. Moderating status will be temporarily removed from all moderators, ourselves included, until the software has undergone the upgrade Liberty News Service plans to soon implement. This change of status is occuring because it is LNS’ policy that no Canadian may have access to the IP addresses of Free Dominion’s members. This policy protects the site’s members while inoculating the moderators from legal or political pressure.

This means Free Dominion members can now rest assured that your free speech and your identities are protected…providing you take steps to protect yourselves.

1) If you’ve registered with an email address you don’t want traced to you, make sure to set your profile preferences to hide your email address. LNS has said they will shortly be removing all email addresses from the forum pages, but until that happens it would be safer to do it yourselves if anonymity is an issue for you.

2) Do not reveal details about yourself in the forum that could help people identify you. If you think you have already revealed too much, consider abandoning your existing FD userid and registering a new one.

3) Email if you need help with the above.

One of the most important things we want everyone to understand is that Free Dominion is not going to change. LNS is impressed with what we all have created here and its lassiez faire policy ensures we will be free to continue as we have for the past seven years. Free Dominion will also still be funded by member donations and banner advertising.

As far as the Warman case goes, Connie and I are going to continue to do everything we can to fight to the end. Aside from our obvious self interests, we think it is high time someone put a stop to him. We have been told that the total costs for this case could exceed $30,000. We hope that we can attract some more donors from outside of our membership so that we can see this thing through to the end because we believe we have a solid case and that a resounding defeat is the only possible deterrent to more of these cases.

We will, of course, keep you updated on every aspect of this case, and we welcome your input and ideas.

In conclusion, Liberty News Service has created a stronghold from which Principled Conservatives (and others) can withstand the attacks by individuals and bureaucracies who threaten to silence us all. Free Dominion is now safe and our members are beyond the reach of the unscrupulous and the unprincipled.

Let’s use our new strategic position to its fullest advantage.

Let’s return our country to the values of liberty that are the source of its greatness. (Source)

Isn’t this what all Lefty countries turn into – Banana Republics? This time Canadians have to register in Central America to preserve their Freedom of Speech.  Although this particular case in question will be fought in a court of law, you know it’s only time before the HRCs come gunning for FD again.  This time Connie and Mark can send them some ripe bananas.

Now y’all understand why the U.N. and its apparatik in Canada are so hot to wrestle control of the internet from the U.S. 

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