4 thoughts on “Can we get The Bieb to sing at the March?

  1. I’d prefer the great David MacDonald sing there vs. this kid. Usher and the secular and morally corrupt music industry has their hands in his pockets currently. Besides if Bieber was truly pro-life and acutally lived out his Catholic faith, he either would not be doing this in the first place, or he would be another 1 album wonder teen popstar whose career was cut short (due to his anti-life, secular handlers).

  2. I don’t know enough about the kid to make any broad statements. But let’s keep in mind that the March for Life is generally about abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide only. Regardless of people’s views on other topics. That’s why we have participants from various religions, as well as people who support same-sex marriage and contraception. We all come together for a cause we share in common, leaving aside our differences. By that yardstick, the kid would be welcome to join.

  3. If our sanctity of life folks are given the common sense, verifiable evidence and scientific facts about Abortion, the murder of innocent babies in the warmth of their mothers wombs. These babies deserve our protection not Capital Punishment. Professor Tom Landers, Walter Szetela, Len Remple, Maria Crenshaw and friends have taught many reasonable citizens how to defend sanctity of life in the hostile University setting, and thus they can defend and teach the life view everywhere as a way of life. They reason with and convince others to change their minds and teach how to reach even more citizens with truth, reason, love and respect.
    We have seen this process work very well in changing minds to defeat bad Legislation and Canadian Supreme Court Law between 2005 and 2008 with the use of common sense, verifiable evidence and scientific facts. What hinders thou?

  4. I believe that if Bieber defends sanctity of life without common sense truth, verifiable evidence and scientific facts that with modern technology and science are all on our side by the way , his career may be destroyed. We see many people self destruct who do not have this evidence. The university textbooks are full of their ineffectual comments, but they “never” use the superior sanctity of life essays. Why do you suppose they don’t? Why are so many Nicolaitans who say they are Christians don’t know the truth about this? It is overwhelmingly important that a person ought be able to prove what he believes is correct, and why it is correct.

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