Campaign Pro Vida: What You Can Do

Since the D&P abortion scandal broke a couple of months ago, many people have emailed me and asked what they can do to oppose the actions of Development & Peace in the Global South.  Until a week ago,  I’ve basically told them to simply express their concerns to their bishop.  Last week, however, I released my video where I made some recommendations.  Now that the official report of the CCCB’s investigation committee has whitewashed and exonerated D&P’s practices, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and the repeated entreaties of both LifeSite and Socon or Bust, I think it’s time for a more co-ordinated approach which I have called “Campaign Pro Vida” (“Pro Vida” in honour of the Spanish speaking populations of the Global South.)

1. Stop Donating to Development & Peace, if you are currently a donor.  Donate to other worthy Catholic causes that are involved in poverty relief and other aid such as:

Don’t forget to make an extra donation to your local pro-life charity. Reward LifeSiteNews for their life-saving coverage.

2. Email everyone who is pro-life, Catholic and non-Catholic. Let them know what’s going on. Use the Socon or Bust Index Page and the LifeSite Index Page for reference, especially both of the videos which have been produced. Join our Facebook Group.  Sign the petition to reign in D&P.  Cover the D&P abortion scandal on your website, on blogs, and discussion boards.  Don’t let up. Talk. Talk. Talk. Type. Type. Type.

3. Book an appointment with your pastor.  Present the evidence to him.  Ask him to pull the D&P donation envelope for Lent 2010. If he tells you that he must collect the money, ask him to attach a note expressing his objection to the collection when he sends it to the bishop, and that he is only sending in the money under compulsion and obedience, and not because he supports D&P’s scandalous funding practices.

4. Write to your bishop and express your profound and deep disappointment in D&P, and challenge him forcefully but respectfully to justify his non-action and non-judgement.  Send your letter by email (with links to the evidence if possible).  Then send your letter by mail. Wait a few days, then phone the Archdiocese and ask to speak to him.  Even if he won’t speak to you personally, one of his assistants will.  Either way, he’ll get the message.  Don’t be afraid to put some pepper in your speech, just keep it under control.  Be sure to explain to him that your level of trust in the bishop’s leadership and his very credibility is in real danger. At the end of your conversation, both of you will likely be agitated and upset.  Don’t worry. That’s a good thing.  It means that you are doing your job, and he is getting the message.

5. Write to the Apostolic Nuncio in Canada. Here is the address:

His Excellency Archbishop Luigi Ventura

Apostolic Nunciature
724 Manor Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1M 0E3
Tel.: (613) 746-4914
Fax: (613) 746-4786

Send your letter by email (with links to the evidence if possible).  Then send your letter by mail. Wait a few days, then phone the Nunciature and ask to speak to the Nuncio.  Even if he won’t speak to you personally, one of his assistants will.  Either way, he’ll get the message. Ask him to consider consulting with pro-life groups in appointing holy bishops to ensure we have zealous defenders of the Gospel of Life and not necessarily ones who are “in line” for promotion.  Ask him to reconsider adjusting the questionnaire for selecting bishops to put a pronounced emphasis on pro-life activism.

6.  Contact your relatives in the Global South, if you have any.  Let them know what is going on. Ask them to consider presenting the evidence on your behalf to their local bishop to warn them of the conduct of the CCCB and D&P. 

7. Write to the Pope himself.  Tell him about Development & Peace and how you feel about the last 40 years of dissent and destruction in Canada. 

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City

8. Pray for the conversion of the Canadian Bishops to the Gospel of Life. Pray also for the retraction of the Winnipeg Statement, and the defeat of proportionalism which is the philosophical error responsible for our troubles.  Pray also for the little ones who are scandalized by our bishops’ gross negligence in this abortion scandal, and for all those who would have otherwise become Catholic, if not for the scandalous conduct of those who refuse to submit and conform their hearts, heads, and conduct to the Gospel of Life.

9. Consider travelling to Cornwall for the “Campaign Pro Vida Witness Vigil”.  This vigil will take place during the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops plenary session in Cornwall between October X-X, 2009.  Participants will pray and hold signs in witness to the unborn and in opposition to the practices of D&P.  This vigil will take place outside of the facilities where Bishops will be meeting.  Confirmation of this event and further details will be forthcoming.

Other proposals to follow…



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