Campaign Life urges 66,000 member families in Ontario to vote Tory if no pro-life candidate

TORONTO, Ontario, October 6th, 2011 ( – Campaign Life Coalition has urged its 66,000 supporter families to vote for the pro-life candidate in their riding, but in a change of tack, they say that if there is no pro-life candidate, supporters should vote for Tim Hudak’s Tories.

“Vote against the pro-abortion Liberals and NDP. Try voting first for a known pro-life candidate. If none exists, we urge you to vote for the Progressive Conservative candidate,” said Mary Ellen Douglas, CLC’s Ontario president, in a communication earlier this week to the 66,000 families on CLC’s Ontario supporter list.

Though Hudak has signaled that he would not change Ontario’s abortion status quo—government-funded abortion-on-demand—both Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty and NDP leader Andrea Horwath “publicly and proudly” support abortion access, says CLC.

This week, the leaders of Ontario’s abortion movement called on Ontarians to vote for anybody but Hudak’s Tories, claiming a victory for his party “would put abortion rights in danger for women in Ontario.”

All FCP Candidates are pro-life, pro-family.

2 thoughts on “Campaign Life urges 66,000 member families in Ontario to vote Tory if no pro-life candidate

  1. In a democracy the citizens are responsible and accountable, for electing the politicians who pass Bills into Canadian Law in our Legislatures and Parliament. The laws everyone has to live with in Canada are in your voting hands. We shall wait and see what you using your free will have imposed on all Ontario citizens and their children.

  2. The 180 posted on this web site reminds me of what the Nazi’s said to the Justices at the War Crimes Trials in Nuremberg after The Second World War, when the majority of Western citizens were Christian, because Government, Law and Education confirmed the Christian Worldview. This kept our society much safer.
    In the guise of Separation of Church and State, the majority of the political leaders of our Western society have separated Christianity from Government, Law, Education and replaced it with Politically Correct Relativism, and the consequences of this are everywhere. The Ten Commandments on schoolroom and courtroom walls only disgusted many criminals and most criminal lawyers, and not the majority of our citizens. Many of our young people today have been educated to believe in the new worldview and religion of Politically Correct Relativism that all worldviews are equally true and beneficial. Without Christianity and The Ten Commandments in Government, Law and Education and the new Living Tree Evolving Society interpretation of Law replacing it sets a dangerous precedence. Germany has gone down this road before.
    The Nazi’s at The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials said they did nothing wrong, because their Supreme Court passed over 400 Laws Legalizing their holocaust. Technically they were right but our society had not yet converted to the New Worldview and Religion of Politically Correct Relativism, so our Justices indicted them. This new worldview has changed the Character of our Country and Western Civilization. In a democracy the citizens have a responsibility to elect Traditional Family Values Politicians who pass wholesome Bills into Canadian Law. God knows who has been promoting and passing Rotten Evil Bills into Canadian Law. In a democracy the power to change this corruption is in the voting hands of our citizens. It’s up to you.

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