2 thoughts on “Campaign aims at Macy’s open-door dressing room policy

  1. If Burnaby Douglas MP Bill Siksay’s , Bill C-389 would have become Canadian Law, the terms Gender Identity and Gender Expression would have been added to The Canadian Human Rights Act. This would have allowed men to gain legal access by right to use women’s public bathrooms, thereby providing the legitimized access sexual predators so desire. This puts women and children great risk.

    is a new movie coming out this Christmas titled, Perverts In Women’s Bathrooms On Thirty Forth Street?

  2. WE need to fight while we can. How? Just be ready for the chance to do so when confonted and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    Being joyful and celebrating Christmas must really get to them! Christmas lights and decorations of our homes must also irritate those scoundrels.

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