Called to Witness — Rosary for Reparation @ Capital Gay Pride

flag of st georgesMy dear friends,

We live in times of great opportunity and witness to the Faith.  Your forefathers could only have dreamed of this opportunity, and yet how many people let it pass by…too enthralled with the gods of entertainment and apathy.  The false lords of sodomy and perversion  have always had these lesser companions to get the job done.

You are Blessed indeed in a very unique way, and yet, do you even know it? Do you even know what it means to stand for the Catholic Faith in a public fashion and be among a remnant people standing for the truth.? It sounds surreal, but it is no less true.  The Lord of the Rings does not just exist on a movie screen. It’s real, my fellow hobbits.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood, and in particular not with those misguided souls who are trapped in this destructive lifestyle.  Our battle is against their general, the prince of the Air.  And so, we’ll be there to engage in the spiritual struggle and to witness publicly that love does not always say “yes”.  We’re also there to reject the false gospel of “non-confrontation and capitulation” that has smothered much of the Catholic Church for decades.

Here are the ground rules for participation:

  1. No shouting, return insults or heated exchanges.  If we engage in these behaviours, we will be distracted and lose.  This is a silent and prayerful reparation.
  2. If reporters come sniffing and you are not comfortable engaging them, direct them to me.
  3. I will be there at St. Pat’s Basilica before 12:45. We will stand on the sidewalk in front of the Basilica.  The parade will likely pass by the Basilica between 1:20 and 1:45, depending on how quickly they march.
  4. Look for the Flag of St. George. I will be holding it high.
  5. We will pray the rosary during this time.
  6. If people want to participate but do not want to be out in the street, they can pray inside the Church, if it’s still open to the public.


This is an officially sanctioned event by the Legionnaires of St. Maurice.


5 thoughts on “Called to Witness — Rosary for Reparation @ Capital Gay Pride

  1. Dear John, I am pleased to have met you at the Queenship of Mary celebration event on Saturday. I passed your request for 12 men to two men who I thought would be interested. I hope you had a good turnout and that no harm came to any of those who prayed. God bless you!

  2. Amen, and amen — the battle is far from over! Standing with you in prayer. How was last Sunday’s turnout for the rosary?

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