Call Bev Oda & Tell Her to Stop Funding Planned Parenthood

Please take 1 minute and a few cents to call Bev Oda at 613-992-2792 and leave a message letting her know you object to your money going to fund Planned Parenthood anywhere in the world.
(These are your tax dollars.)
SHOCKING NEWS: CBC news just released an article that states that Canada will give $6 million dollars to Planned Parenthood International, which will provide sexual and reproductive health services, including abortions and abortion counselling in five developing countries where abortion is illegal – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Sudan and Tanzania. Click here to read the full article.

International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda approved the proposal by the International Planned Parenthood Federation. The IPPF went around the issue of abortion by asking for money for sex education and contraception services. This is contrary to the Federal governments’ commitment at the G8 Summit last year to improve maternal health in developing countries, abortion free! Something that 4MYC (YOU) prayed so hard to ensure, that LIFE was protected! Click here to review results of your prayers.

We are asking Canadians to take part in the following action points below, and then kindly ask 3 of your friends to do the same! There is potential for over 3,000 voices to be heard on the Hill and an even greater potential for millions of babies’ lives (globally) to be saved. Let’s do it!
1. PRAY.
2. EMAIL Bev Oda and CC all the other MP’s
Bev Oda, International Co-operation Minister Email:
Jim Flaherty, Finance Minister Email:
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister Email:,or
Rob Nicholson, Justice Minister Email:
Brad Trost Email:
Rod Bruinooge Email:
3. CALL (most effective) Bev Oda’s office at 613-992-2792. Politely but firmly say you disapprove of tax dollars funding overseas abortions, and are extremely disappointed that the government is going back on their word from the G8 summit when they said they would not fund overseas abortions. Let them know that this decision will reflect how you vote, volunteer, and donate in the next election. Your voice is powerful, and taking the time to call and speak to a live person will make a big difference.

One thought on “Call Bev Oda & Tell Her to Stop Funding Planned Parenthood

  1. And if she won’t listen to pro-lifers, maybe just remind her that PP is being investigated by the American Congress for misuse of funds and sex trafficking cover-up.
    Details here:
    This link is worth a click, with link to Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns’ letter to PP requesting 12 years’ worth of financial records, state audits, and policies. Another important link on that page: Americans United for Life’s report of decades of malfeasance by Planned Parenthood.

    Any promise by Planned Parenthood that the money will not be used for abortion is empty.
    Let’s tell the Honourable Bev Oda that we refuse to be IPPF’s useful idiots, and so should she.

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