Cackle has already started

Homosexual Catholic groups hope after Pope Benedict XVI steps down, a new “progressive” Pope will champion LGBT issues, female ordination, and contraception at a Third Vatican Council.

Me? I favour going along with the Spirit of V2 crowd.  Yes, yes, yes, we will fa’sure elect a really progressive Pope. We’ll put a condom on his head and march him down Yonge Street for you, too.

Let them immerse themselves in this delirium for a few weeks and then introduce them to what is actually going to happen:  the most “conservative” Pope ever elected.

Nothing says I love you like a Surprise! does.

These fools have no idea of what is going to hit them.  Let them hopey changey for as long as they can, and then yank the carpet right out under their feet.

2 thoughts on “Cackle has already started

  1. What an oxymoron. homosexual catholic groups…. but whatever.

    What these sick and disordered people do not seem to understand, is that even if a “progressive” pope was elected, he HAS NO POWER to change even one iota of church teaching, even if he wanted to.

    Nevertheless, the day of the liberal is done, and the next Pope will definitely keep moving the ball forward following Benedict’s playbook… and he, and we may well pay the price by being forced underground, but our leaner meaner (inititally) church will have more strength and vigour than the ossified remains of the sixties, and we will make converts and save souls just like that bunch in the first century that changed the world.
    Liberals, put THAT in your cultural marxist pipe and smoke it.

  2. Here’s my beef: why are such groups allowed to operate? I get that people are free to associate at will and that no bishop can really prevent *that*. But in every diocese there seems to be that ONE parish where they can get together and advance their agenda.

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