Bye Bye Europe

“You should have listened to the Pope.”


But, really, I don’t see too many people who hate the Catholic Church or its teaching on human life shedding too many tears about this.

After all, it’s somebody else’s problem, right? The problem here is that when “nobody” is that “somebody” who wants to take responsibility, then it’s everybody’s problem and not somebody’s problem.  The problem with that “somebody” guy is that you can’t really track him down.  He’s very elusive to pin down or to convince to start acting like a grownup.

Mark my words carefully:  we are going back to a time where having children will be a requirement to survive…just like the olden days.   That’s one of the consequences which happens to a civilization as it begins to collapse.  Why?  Because if you can’t rely on the State, you need to create your own civilization and culture just for you…which is another idea for this great, natural entity called “the family” where a civilization gets to grow and be nurished by your own sacrifice and love…something the State can never give.

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