But you’ve never had an abortion!

Well, actually, she has.  And guess, what!?  Many women – most women – actually regret it.


Read the Ottawa Citizen Letter by Frances Wilkinson with picture here.

Here is the text of Frances’ letter….

I am one of the people who participates in the “40 Days for Life” campaign across from the Morgentaler Clinic at 65 Bank St. Letter-writer Evelyn Dormer was misguided about our peaceful prayer vigil.

Having had an abortion, and suffered the incredible devastation emotionally, mentally and physically, and spiritually, I know what I speak of.

There is such a deep hidden grief that must be addressed or the action of it manifests itself in so many ways impacting whole lives. For instance, it raises the risk of breast cancer, among other things, as well as infertility, not to mention anger, suicidal depression, work-aholism, alcoholism, drug addiction and problems with relationships.

I now seek to help other women who have been through this trauma, so they will not make the worst mistake they will ever make, for themselves and their child, and anyone else affected by the abortion.

We do not live in a vacuum. Our moral decisions whether to kill another human being or not do affect others. Fundamentally, it is not even about religion or politics, yet they are intrinsically involved in everything we do.

No one has the right to kill another human being.

But with no legal restrictions on abortions in Canada, we are permitting women to kill the most innocent human beings, for such reasons as that the mother doesn’t want an inconvenient pregnancy; doesn’t want to give the child up for adoption, or won’t seek out help that is available for both mother and child.

Or because they let someone else (parents, God forbid, or boyfriends and husbands) dictate to them that they must abort their own child.

In many cases, it is a woman’s decision that reflects a narcissistic and selfcentered view to not even care.

Might I suggest people take a look at

The Silent Scream video. It is an abortion filmed by a former abortionist from the United States. Or they should watch the video about Gianna Jessen, an abortion survivor. Both of these are available on YouTube.

Let us put our resources into promoting a culture of life , and saving those who cannot speak for themselves.


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Francis, I met you at the abortion site as you stood in the freezing cold in order to advocate for victims of abortion. Your courage to speak the truth around the harm done by abortion is commendable, thank you! On behalf of those whose grief is spared because you stand vigil and disclose the harm you endured, thank you! For the voiceless human beings whose lives may be spared because of your strength and courage to tell the truth about abortion, thank you!

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