But it’s not fair!

We reiterate that the Attorney General is a respondent to Mr. Lemire’s constitutional challenge, and yet we find ourselves in the position of having filed our initial submissions while Mr. Lemire’s initial submissions are not required until June 9,2008.Given the real risk of unfairness, and the already protracted nature of these proceedings, the Attorney General of Canada opposes Mr. Lemire’s and other parties’ request for a further postponement of the dates for filing written submissions and for presenting oral arguments.  (Source)

Is this some kind of joke?  A real risk of unfairness to the Attorney “truth is no defence” General?

A risk of unfairness, mind you.  Just a risk.  And they’re bleeting like gassed-up sheep.

Yo, Mark, how ya’ doing, bud?  You must be wondering if this is just a bad episode of LA Law or Matlock – except of course, no one could write this stuff up because even the TV audience wouldn’t believe it.

The clincher for me, however, is where they are sending the faxes and correspondence for Warman.  Did you notice that?

Check, check, checkerooo for the kangaroooooooooooooooos.

One thought on “But it’s not fair!

  1. Has anyone checked out this months Macleans magazine? BC WORLD CRIME SUPERPOWER. Forget the Forest Industry or the Fishing Industry. BC’s big, multi-billion-dollar growth industry is crime. And business is booming. Ask any victim of crime! Crime pays in BC and it pays criminals very very well. The victims are left holding the empty bag.

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