But for a woman

The pope, Nicholas I, firmly standing by the tradition of the church, and vindicating the fundamental dogma of the sanctity of marriage, replied uncompromisingly that the divorce was null and void, the bishops blamable for their servility, and that even were it proved beyond doubt that Thietberga had been guilty of incest or any other sinful intercourse before marriage, yet the marriage itself could never on that account be legally dissolved. (Source)

The great irony of our day, which has been projected by the Feminists in particular, is that the Catholic Church hates women.  The truth, however, is that she has risked everything because of them.  The Church lost England over a woman, and as the above account also makes plain, she risked nations going to war over one.

This is a friendly reminder to all of the bishops and the Pope meeting at the October Synod in Rome:  recall the Tradition that was handed down from you by the Lord.  And recall what awaits you if you lead the little ones astray by modernist notions of marriage.  The laity will not stand for it.  And we will not accept in any form under any circumstance any change to the substance of the Tradition on marriage.

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