‘Bust is Back

Well, folks, Socon or Bust is back in business with a brand-spanking new look.  No worries for our past readers on content or topics, though, because we’ll be addressing the same issues in essentially the same way.

Several factors have prompted our come-back:

  1. It’s apparent to me now in my sort of activism that a blog or website is absolutely essential to doing virtually any kind of activism, effectively.  I thought I could manage without one, but I was wrong.
  2. One of my problems in the past was spending too much time on this blog so I had to cut it off to get some control.  I think I can discipline myself to blog less but still blog on important topics, and, of course, get the word out on important events and helping to raise some money for important causes. And speaking of important events, Socon or Bust is organizing and sponsoring….

    Michael Voris Coming To Town – It’s confirmed! The terror of the Katholic Koolaid Krowd, Catholic media celebrity, Michael Voris, will be appearing in a one night only gig here in Ottawa on May 24. Time (around 7pm), venue, topic to be confirmed in due time. For anyone interested in helping out financially in sponsoring this event and finding a venue, please contact me at pacheco377@gmail.com.  Updates to be posted here: http://stmauricelegion.wordpress.com/. Spread the word about a certain celebrity priest’s “favourite”speaker! 🙂

  3. What has really caught my attention over the past several weeks has been Obama’s attack on the Catholic Church by forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraceptives.  I am absolutely shocked that an issue Socon or Bust has been hammering on for the past 6 years could very well be a defining issue in the upcoming U.S. elections.  It’s great to see that our bishops are finally waking up to the fact that Obama is not the messiah they thought he was, but c’mon, let’s get serious.  40 years of massive negligence in refusing to preach against contraception has consequences.  Now, it’s too little, too late.  And while most pundits are framing this is as principally an issue of religious freedom, they are wrong.  Religious freedom is the secondary issue. Contraception is the principal issue in this debate.  Immorality leads to slavery and loss of freedom.  Are we, as Catholics, so ignorant of biblical history that we refuse to acknowledge what is right before our eyes?  Our sodomy (what contraception effectively is) and our leaders acquiescence to that sodomy is what is leading us away from the promised land and into the Babylon captivity.  This is not an attack against “freedom”. This is an attack on the Catholic faith and the truth of human sexuality.  Debates on religious freedom while good and salutary are not what is going to turn this around.  What is going to turn this around is convincing people that contraception is indeed immoral. Period.  Because that is what is at the substance of this debate.   If people don’t believe something is immoral, then it’s going to be hard convincing them that Obama’s move is that big of a deal.  Sorry but forcing someone to provide “health care” doesn’t get people too worked up.  Here is a wonderful opportunity to preach the gospel of Life.  Let’s find out if the bishops are going to step up this time and stop passing the buck.

5 thoughts on “‘Bust is Back

  1. Hi John, welcome back. Glad you returned to the blogosphere. I love the new look.

    I understand for the need to cut back. When I started blogging I had two kids, one of whom slept three hours in the afternoon while the other went to kindergarten. Now with four kids, I’m lucky to get a solid hour, and the inspiration doesn’t always hit at that hour!

    The important thing is to contribute.

  2. Hi John, and welcome back… I had a feeling you’d be back now that Lent has begun abd with it the annual Bishop sanctioned assault on the church with the appeals from your favourite organization and mine, Development and Peace.

    What we had to endure yesterday was particularly egregious. It was a 7 minute spiel about global warming and environmentalism. Pure political propaganda cloaked with a veneer of “christianese” words tossed in. If not for the fact that, after confession this morning, I was warned these nutjobs were going to speak ,and that I prayed for self control, I most certainly would have gotten up and walked out and possibly given them a piece of my mind.

    I watched in disgust as many fellow parishoners heeded their call to sign “solidarity cards” and gove donations. I left immediately after feeling as disgusted and defiled as I would had I woken up in a brothel after a wild night of drinking and debauchery.. There was the D&P guy, a well-known liberal lawyer about town, standing at the door, grinning like a cheshire cat collecting signed solidarity cards and donations.

    In addition to blogging the incident, I sent a message to my priest thanking him for the warning that , combined with prayer prevented me from causing a scene. I tehn went on to explain how the Global warming movement is incompatible with Chistianity, and even has as its aim, the destruction of every last vestige of the Judeo-Christoan heritage. Hw can Christians , espcially catholics have ANY kind of dealings with people whose whole movement flies in the face of all our teachings? They are all aboit population control though eugenics, contraception and abortion. They want globlan govermment of the people (the few allowed to remain) by the elites. And finally they want a global earth worshippimg religion. I sent him a copy of Michael Voris’ “Global Warming Unmasked” and asked him to pass it on to the Bishop in the hope that he will never again mandate that such people be given the floor to promote their lies and propaganda. Jesus said “feed my sheep” not “poison them”.
    It was explained to me that the Bishop is asking us to support D&P because they are “getting their act together” . yeah right. and I just saw a pink Unicorn fly by leaving behind a rainbow coloured trail of pixie dust…. I went to their website (I figured since i was nauseated already, it would not hurt to get more sick) and found that they are still OPENLY mentioning their association with KAIROS and other unsavoury types.

    Anyway, time to get back to exposing the again.

  3. Thanks for jumping back in, John. Haven’t managed to do that myself, but I am grateful for those that have. I mostly feel that Canada is too far gone, with very little opportunity for positive change, but perhaps if the ‘outlawing ‘ of homeschooling doesn’t advance too quickly, or if by some miracle the public Catholic system becomes Catholic, there may be enough youth with a good purpose to accomplish change. Who knows. I continue to pray.

  4. I dimly recall looking at some sort of Lenten material, and it had something about recycling. and saving the earth. Recently one can find pictures of children in the womb, located in a photo of a tree. It says to’ save me’. The photo at least makes the point,…
    Save us from those who confuse environmentalism with saving one’s soul.
    It is Lent, it is time to pray and there are enough atheists to concentrate on saving the ozone layer. If they can .

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