Burke out, Wuerl in

Run for the hills. The other additions and deletions are also noteworthy.  All in the wrong direction, in my humble opinion.

Can someone tell me why I feel less and less in Communion with the hierarchical Church as every day goes by?

Guess I’m one of those Pharisees.

If you listen to ++Wuerl, there’s really nothing you can say or do for him to deny you Communion.  It’s the pastoral approach….where the pro-abort heresy (yes it is a heresy) is tolerated and accepted.

4 thoughts on “Burke out, Wuerl in

  1. When the Church got out of the fish business on Fridays, the apocryphal Irish bar maid was known to say, “Well, the Pope may be out of his mind, but I’m not!”

  2. Seriously, since I have started to read your comments, Paycheck, I can’t find the original piece (including this one) which you are citing. For years I lived in the western US and was known as the Computer Jinx of the West. I now moved to eleven blocks east of the Missisippi, and things haven’t got better. Is this just invincible ignorance, or just the stubbornness of an elderly Irish-American who lives a solitary life with his foul-tempered cat?

    • Well, I finally got the link open. You’d be surprised to know that this old dog can learn new tricks. As an army clerk-typist I was told the IBM Correcting Selectric was the most advanced thing I’d ever learn.

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