+Burke: Church welcomes gay persons, but not their lifestyle

That sums up the essence of Catholic teaching in one spiffy sentence.

Here’s the more fullsome quote from.  Cardinal Burke :

We welcome them as children of God, as brothers and sisters of Christ, but we don’t welcome their lifestyle, so to speak, or the way in which they are living. And so if you have, for instance, two men or two women who are living together openly in a homosexual relationship, yes, you care for them, and perhaps “care for pastorally” is the better expression. You care for them but one has to be very careful in the Christian community that the impression is not given to the rest of the faithful that somehow their relationship is morally right and that the Church welcomes that relationship too. No, it doesn’t. (Source)

And homosexuals aren’t being singled out here either. The same would apply to lyers, drunks, gossipers, fornicators, thiefs, lazy people, dirty mouths, etc. It applies to everybody because every single person has sin in their life. Yet, while every person is welcome and given spiritual support, their sinful lifestyle must change.

Person ≠ lifestyle

It really isn’t all that complicated.

One thought on “+Burke: Church welcomes gay persons, but not their lifestyle

  1. A little leaven spreads to the whole.In our former Christian, but now Secular Democracies when evil is politically legalized it spreads as legalized so-called human rights to everyone, starting with the indoctrination of schoolchildren,by adults who ought to know better. When people claim to believe in Christ’s Perspective in a Democracy,they ought to take care what they allow to be politically legalized.

    Western Democracies became Christian when Roman Emperor Constantine converted from Paganism in about the year 307. Western Democratic Civilization converted back to Paganism starting from 1962,because Secular Paganism convinced The Majority that it was “neutral”. When a democratic society is Christian of sorts in Government Establishments,Law Establishments and Education Establishments,then people can be helped to change their morbid behavior,if they really want to. When a former Christian Western Democratic Civilization changes it’s Worldview/Religion to so-called “neutral” Secularism,then Secular Paganism enforces it’s Worldview. If any organization does not compromise with so-called neutral Secular Paganism The Secular Law Courts and Governments consider those people to be outlaws. Saint Stephen was considered an outlaw,and those who killed him were considered just by the majority who were indoctrinated to think so.Thus the so-called legal crimes continued until 307 when Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity.

    Secular or any kind of Paganism hates Christianity,and wants to enforce it’s brand of Paganism on everyone,even innocent Kindergarteners, as so-called “neutral” secular human rights!

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