Bullseye on the Crisis in Catholic Journalism

I’m with this priest.  He finds the target:

Maryknoll Fr William Grimm, the editor of the Japanese Catholic weekly Katorikku Shimbun, sounds a call for “real journalism” in the church (tip to NewsHub)…Why does it matter if the Church does not have a media voice like that which should prevail in the secular world? One reason is that if the Church is incapable or unwilling to report on its life and activities with transparency, others will step in.  However, leaving honest reporting of the Church to outside media leaves us open to misunderstanding and even sensationalism. It is hard to refute charges of “cover-up” when, in fact, Catholic journalism either consciously or inadvertently fails to present a full picture of the Church, “warts and all.”  We need a trustworthy professional Catholic journalism in order to present the true face of the Church to the world and each other. Being trustworthy means having a commitment to the truth rather than to looking good.  If Church media are seen as PR rather than journalism, others will not believe us when we actually have good news — as well as the Good News — to convey, nor will they look to us for information and insight…” (Source)

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