Bucking the Times

Or in other words…”Kingdoms and nations fall away. The Catholic Church remains.” – Napoleon

The fools who keep yammering on about the Church “getting with the times” really don’t understand that it’s precisely in “getting with the times” that the times eventually shift, and you’re left with nothing but dust.¬† It’s nothing but a sucker punch and trick of the devil that the mentally and sexually unstable fall for every time.

The reason the Catholic Church has survived for 2000 years while every other player¬†has been reduced to dust is that it has not “gotten with the times” but stayed with Jesus.

If you’re into empirical evidence, add it up, tell the truth, and shame the devil.

Ultimately, it’s Jesus or Bust.

2 thoughts on “Bucking the Times

  1. Great quote from a great wordsmith

    For 1900 years our Catholic Church, went forth, and strove (abeit imperfectly) to renew the face of the earth. Almost overnight, in the 60s, things got flipped-flopped and the “world” went forth and began to renuew the face of the Church.

    O LORD, deliver us from the negligence of the bishops.

  2. That’s a nice quote, very inspiring, but not entirely true. After Vatican II, very large and very influential sections of the Church have indeed married the age. Sad but true.

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