Brother’s Keeper: There’ll Be Hell To Pay On Abortion

 Wichita, KS, June 24, 2008 ( – A murder investigation has been opened involving Shelley Sella, a California abortionist employed by George Tiller, who according to a former employee is reported to have intentionally stabbed to death an infant born alive during an abortion at Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas.


“Ms. Davis gave us a very specific eye-witness account about the incident,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We were told that the baby was 35 weeks gestation at the time of the abortion. The baby came out and was moving. Sella looked up at Ms. Davis, then picked up a utensil and stabbed the baby in the left ribcage, twisting the utensil until the baby quit moving. At 35 weeks, there is no doubt about viability. This is murder in anybody’s book.”

Ms. Davis could not explain why the baby was born alive since abortions that late in the pregnancy usually begin with a fatal injection into the baby’s heart. However, former abortion patients have said that sometimes the first injection is not always successful. …

We like to think that barbarians and murderers are very rare in our culture.  In the past, of course, murderers and barbarians were indeed rare and we all lived comfortably that such people were 1) few and 2) ostracized or imprisoned. 

However, in today’s culture, that’s no longer true.  We have a situation in the West where the abortionist thugs like Tiller the Killer and his assistants are supported by the State.  They have this support because the barbarians in our midst have the political power while the rest of the marshmellow population, which would otherwise be opposed to this sort of barbarity, really doesn’t give a damn.

The unborn are not being ripped from head to toe because of the mass murderers and their political lackeys. 

They are being canibalized because of our indifference to their plight.

On judgement day, there’ll be big surprises.

Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”  “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

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