Broke Backin’ It with Rogers and Bell

The gay jackboot parade knows absolutely no shame.

Rarely do I have time to watch prolonged periods of television. If I get an hour in during the week, it will be something rather extraordinary. I signed up for Rogers Digital Cable last year for my kids so they can watch some half-decent programming. Me and the wife usually restrict our viewing to Fox News and EWTN (the Global Catholic network). Outside of the odd flick or Nature Channel, the rest of it is crap, including of course that liberal propaganda “news” source the British Bullkaka Corporation (BBC) which we were forced to buy if we wanted FOX News.
This is what Canadian companies call “freedom of choice”.

Anyhow, every 4 years, I like to watch the World Cup. Because Rogers records the games and allows its subscribers to watch previous matches, I was able to watch most of the 32 games by accessing Rogers On Demand. This feature, in addition to offering free programming, allows patrons to view movies on a “pay per view” basis. Most of the movies are rather second rate, but you get the occasional one that is worth watching. It’s a mix between recent B movies and some popular older ones. Not bad if you want to waste an evening, but not exactly “first choice” either, if you catch my drift.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I accessed Rogers on Demand to view one of the World Cup games, what did my wondrous eyes behold? Yep, you guessed it. Broke Back Mountain as a selection.

But not just any selection. Oh no.

1) Rogers rarely, if ever, features recent Academy Award nominated movies in their Rogers On Demand line up. Rarely and never.

2) It was, of course, the very FIRST selection on the Screen.

3) It was the summer, a mere 6 months after Broke Back was released on the Big Screen (Dec. 9, 2005)

4) Oh yes, on more thing, it was free. That’s right. It was FREE. Right up there with children’s programming and movies and shows that no one has ever heard of.

Free. Can you believe it?

Ya think Rogers is trying to push an agenda here? I think so. If you don’t think so and are our Rogers customer, ask yourself one simple question: how many RECENT Academy Nominated films are you going to see listed and FOR FREE. Did I mention that it was free? Answer: none, nada, zip, zilch.

And it has recently been brought to my attention that Bell ExpressVu is featuring OutTV as one of the free promotional channels for a limited time only of course.

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