British government study shows that kids of married couples are less likely to be anti-social

I love how science keeps catching up to what Christians have known for 2,000 years. Marriage obviously matters.

Starting in 1997, approximately 3,000 children between the ages of three and 16 were examined for the impact of several factors – including their family’s income, social class, and marital status of parents – on grades and behavior.

The study’s results, which were originally reported by The Independent, show that the marital status of parents was a critical factor in children being more confident, responsible, and less anti-social.

“The marital status of parents in the early years, when children were first recruited to the study, was also a significant predictor of changes in self-regulation during secondary education and pro-social behavior,” the study says.

“Students in lone parent families showed small but statistically significant increases in both negative behaviors and decreases in both positive behaviors,” the report continued. “In addition, students of parents who were living with their partner but unmarried in the early years were found to show small decreases in self-regulation and pro-social behavior and an increase in hyperactivity.”

The study concluded that by age 16, some 11 years into the study, that “there are weaker effects linked to parents’ marital status, although there is a tendency for poorer self-regulation and pro-social behavior and increased hyperactivity and anti-social behavior for those from single parent families.” (Source)

One thought on “British government study shows that kids of married couples are less likely to be anti-social

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