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  1. I would NOT want to see this kind of pomp brought back. It strikes me as odd that the person occupying the office bestowed on a humble fisherman who probably never owned anything more than the clothes on his back, and who would no doubt have rejected the adulation depicted here and the ostentatious gold crown as well, believing that sort of thing was fit for Jesus alone. This same Peter who insisted on being crucified upside down because he knew he was not worthy to die as Jesus did. I rather welcome JPII and BXVI playing down alot of the pomp and circumstance. It makes them more real and their witness more credible. Being carted around on a sedan chair with a big honking crown is, let’s face it, bad optics. The pre-Constantine bishops of Rome would have cringed at such ostentation, IMHO. It reminds me of the story i once heard about a Pope showing the riches of the Vatican to Aquinas, and boasting “No longer can the church ‘Silver and gold have i none'” to which Aquiinas replied “True, but no longer can she say ‘Rise up and walk'”.

  2. I agree with the above.

    The pomp and circumstance is impressive on its own level, but I think that it is a good thing that Blessed John Paul II brought the Church more down to earth by trimming much of that.

    Profound ceremony, however, belongs in the liturgy, where it is God being glorified rather than His human instruments.

    • VERY well said Jim. JPII was much lkike Peter in the sense that he lived very simply. He slept on not much more than a cot in small barely furnished rooms while in Krakow, and if he was given anything over and above his own basic needs, he would give it away to someone less fortunate.
      I believe it was JPI who was the first to refuse that big ole crown upon becoming pope.
      JPII never thought of himself as anything more than a priest who had been called to great responsibility, and that is why he is loved while many of his predecessors-rightly or wrongly- are reviled or looked upon with suspicion. JXXIII is another one who tried to break the mold.

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