Bring back Church trials

Good article here. Strip the authority of heretics and dissenters until they see the light.

The Church should revive her prosecutorial arm so that she can be proactive in bringing charges against ecclesiastics who appear to be guilty of significant crimes as defined in Canon Law. Those who abuse their positions of ecclesiastical authority should be prosecuted and tried by ecclesiastical authority. The wounds should not be allowed to fester unless and until some secular authority decides enough is enough. Nor, as I indicated above, are we talking only about sexual crimes. After all, these have been substantially less frequent than some other kinds of abuse.

2 thoughts on “Bring back Church trials

  1. I have had those thoughts for a number of years.

    Canon Law provides for such trials. All that’s missing is a court where they can be held. I don’t see how the Church can have all these provisions in the CCL, but refuse their enforcement. Where does the buck stop?

    Has anyone tried bring a heresy charge against a fellow Catholic?

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