Briefing on the Synod’s Relatio

BREAKING….(it helps when you have an Italian wife who can translate)

We win.

Three paragraphs were rejected by the majority.

The progressives did not get what they wanted.

Too bad, so sad.

The Pope asked that the voting numbeers be shown beside each paragraph.

Once the cardinals had the Italian text in their hands, they examined it and voted paragraph by paragraph (62 of them).

The document is not magisterial, in any event.

The media is circling like vultures. They are not happy.  No openings.  They’re pissed.  I love it.

Pope got a 4 minute standing ovation after his speech.

Stressed unity and that we cannot be unbalanced in our approach.

A beautiful speech….apparently.  Had no choice, I imagine.  This was a Bishops’ synod where collegiality reigned.  Who knew Vatican II would save us?  Actually, I did 🙂


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