Brian Lilley on the CBC’s magic money machine

The CBC is a throw-back to the Communist-era.  It needs to be seriously reformed. The arrogance and sense of politically correct entitlement hearkens back to the current Human Rights kangaroo courts.  In fact, if you look at Development & Peace, the CBC, and virtually all left-wing, government-funded organizations, you will find a disturbing totalitarian penchant for suppression of information which the public has a right to access.  It’s an arrogance that belies their responsibility to taxpayers and donors.  That they continue to get away with it is not their fault, it’s ours.  These groups need to be either totally shut down or gutted.  Either way, something has to change.

Socon or Bust, for instance, is still eagerly awaiting its complaint to the CBC Ombudsman, concerning CBC’s false reporting of the 2011 March for Life.  We expect a frank and honest judgement against the CBC.

Where is the accountability and transparency at the CBC?  If the CBC won’t play ball with Canadians, Canadians need to strike back, and we have an opportunity now to finally address our concerns about the CBC in a venue which might actually create some real change.  Check it out from Lilley’s Pad

Do you have concerns about CBC?

Are you worried that by owning a wire service, private radio station and several other business fronts that they might be competing with businesses by using taxpayers dollars?

Are you concerned that they are not living up to their mandate to provide Canadian content?

The CRTC is holding consultations on the state broadcaster and they want to hear from you.

Welcome to CRTC Consultation on CBC’s Radio and Television Licence Renewals

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issues and renews licences for all Canadian broadcasters. In September 2011, the CRTC will hold a public hearing in order to renew the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) radio and television licences.

Welcome to the CRTC online consultation on CBC’s radio and television licence renewals. The comments and discussions resulting from this consultation will be considered for the upcoming hearing on the CBC renewals, as well as form part of the public record. We welcome your participation and thank you for sharing your comments on the CBC’s role in the broadcasting system.

Within the Broadcasting Act, the CBC is defined as the national public broadcaster and has specific programming objectives.

Read more here and answer the questions.

One thought on “Brian Lilley on the CBC’s magic money machine

  1. These morbid publicly funded popular media institutions like The CBC, who bend the news according to their own point of view, are a result of the many Godless citizens or Nicolaitans that call themselves Christians. After the Dispersion from Jerusalem in the first century by example the real Christians benefited the Western World as the West finally adopted their Worldview in government and education, thus freedom, families and economy strengthened . Now we have witnessed the return of the West to Paganism with its institutions and the consequences that greed and perversion bring with it. If we had real Christianity, instead of Nicolaitanism that is rampant in the popular media and edifices of worship, this could not have happened.

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