Gravel Summoned to Rome

L’abbé Raymond Gravel est en route vers Rome, où il fera valoir son point de vue dans la controverse entourant un site Internet antiavortement, puisqu’il se sent «toujours sur le bord de la porte». (Source: Le Devoir)

Despite the spin of this announcement, I’m pretty sure Rome has summoned Fr. Gravel.  Gravel didn’t just get an audience because he wanted to blast LifeSiteNews.  It would be great if he was going to meet Cardinal Ouellet, the third most influential bishop in the world.  We all remember how Gravel treated his Eminence when he was the archbishop of Quebec City too. (Exhibit A, B, C)

The chickens, as they say, are coming home to roost.  I suspect that Gravel is going to be given a frank and direct choice:  either uphold the teachings of the Church and convert his heart to the Catholic faith or have his priestly faculties suspended.  I’m sure he’ll be ordered to drop the lawsuit too. 

There’s no way that this is merely a dialogue or an information session.  Rome knows what’s going on, and they have finally had enough.  LifeSiteNews has simply reported what this man has said in the press, and what he believes about himself and the Catholic faith.  They have not done anything wrong or reported anything that he has not said to the secular press.

Gravel is really not even the story here.  The real story is the vindication of LifeSiteNews within the Catholic Church.  The biggest enemies of LifeSiteNews and the inconvenient truths that they report about CanChurch do not exist outside of the Church but right in the heart of Her.

The time of confrontation and vindication is at handIt’s CanChurch vs. The Church Militant.

Our preference and prayer is for Fr. Gravel to repent and accept the Church’s teaching on human life and sexuality.  If he feels that he’s “always on the door’s threshhold” (as he says above), that’s because his conscience is telling him that what he is doing is sinful and destructive to himself, to the Church, and last but not least to the unborn.

Please pray for Fr. Gravel and our Church.

4 thoughts on “Gravel Summoned to Rome

  1. Speaking of LifeSiteNews, Hilary White has been chosen (or drawn) as one of the 150 bloggers to attend the May 2 Vatican blognic. Congratulations to Hilary!

  2. That’s great. But this whole conference is essentially a waste of time.

    It was called, in large part I suspect, to corale voices that cause the CanChurch crowd embarrassment.

    Fr. Rosica is a major player in the Pontifical Council of Social Communications. That sinks any credibility this Council or its activities has in trying to talk to bloggers.

    He has shown contempt for the blogosphere and its legitimate investigations time and time again.

    No self respecting blogger is going to accept the “restraint” which is likely to be imposed on any kind of association proposed.

    That’s what this is all about.

    It’s like the Catholic media in this country: unwilling and unable to confront the truth in an honest way.

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