BREAKING: Development agency breaks ties with Dutch bishops

Solidaridad, a Dutch development agency that works in Latin America, has broken all ties with the Dutch bishops after the bishops’ conference sought assurance that the agency’s aid programs not conflict with the teaching of the Church.

“The bishops are demanding the final say on how to spend the money, and their policies are straitjacketed by orthodoxy,” said Solidaridad director Nico Roozen. “The Church’s morality creates major problems in areas such as combatting HIV and suitable population politics. High Church opinions on the position of women in church and society and on homosexuality are limiting factors for emancipation. A certain matter of allowing now seems to be history. All the rules are once more strongly enforced.”

Solidaridad describes itself as “a joint venture by Dutch churches, and its board includes representatives of the Catholic Church, Protestant Church in the Netherlands and of several smaller churches such as the Old Catholic Church, the Mennonite Church and the Remonstrant Brotherhood.” Six of the organization’s 11 board members are representatives of the Catholic Church, according to a recent annual report. (Source)

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The Dutch Church has been the most ubra-liberal wing of the Church for decades. It explains why the Netherlands is a basket case.

But at least now they are taking action against their “social justice” scam that the Canadian bishops refuse to do with Development & Peace.

That makes us now arguably the #1 most liberal wing of the church in the Social Justice gig – at least internationally.

It’s pathetic indeed, Bishop Henry. Really pathetic.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Development agency breaks ties with Dutch bishops

  1. D&P”s lack of Catholic scruples has made it difficult for catholics to donate to D&P’s efforts in Haiti. I have chosen to donate to more a scrupulously catholic group.

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