“Break Free from Contraception” Week


Hey, folks!  This week is “Break Free From Contraception” week (Nov.14-20) here at Socon or Bust!

It’s in honour of The Rosarium’s new website which you can view here.

As a special offer for this week only, Socon or Bust is offering the “Humanae Vitae – A New Beginning” Conference talks on DVD for free, including shipping!  The talks, 11 of them in total, are in WMV format and viewable on your computer.

  • Feed My Lambs: The Priest as spiritual guide to individuals
  • Medical Consequences of Contraception
  • Natural Family Planning: One Guy’s Perspective
  • Contraception & The Breakdown of Marriage
  • Procreation Without Union: Addressing the Problem of Infertility
  • Contraception: Friend or Foe?
  • The Spectacular Story of Humanae Vitae & Role of Conscience
  • The Culture of Life vs.The Culture of Death
  • Theology of Your Body
  • Q&A Round Table
  • The Whole Man & The Whole Mission: Humanae Vitae Discovered

Regular price of the DVD (WVM format) is $20.

You can see a very brief clip here.

You’ll get the whole truth about contraception from medical doctors, theologians, canon lawyers, and Catholic Apologists.

If you’re beginning to question contraception, this is a must-have resource to share with your parish community, teenagers, relatives, friends, students, and just about anyone who will listen.

If you are interested in this offer, please e-mail us, indicating your desire to have the DVD shipped to you for freeYou don’t pay a single thing.  It’s a special thank you to all Socon or Bust readers who have visited us throughout these past 5 years.

And if you are currently sheepish about ordering because you’re a liberal, we have a special arrangement for you:  for confidentiality purposes, we will not keep a record of your address. Once the DVD is shipped, you have our word that we will permanently delete your address from our e-mail account.

Socon or Bust does, however, remind our recipients that the intellectual property contained on the DVD must not be copied, duplicated, or stored in any other location without the express written consent of The Rosarium.  If you would like additional copies of the DVD in either WMV format or “DVD player” format, please contact us to make arrangements.  Volume discounts are available.  Alternatively, if you wish to burn more copies, or convert the WMV format to “DVD player” format yourself, you can save substantially on the cost of the DVD itself and shipping costs.  In effect, we would be giving you the “license to burn” for a fraction of the regular price.  All funds raised by The Rosarium go into exposing the harmful effects of contraception.  The directors of The Rosarium receive absolutely no compensation or personal benefit from funds collected.  All adminstrative costs are absorbed by the directors, personally.

For those of you who wish to make a small donation to The Rosarium’s efforts to keep on exposing the lies of contraception, we thank you and direct you to our donation page to make a small offering to the cause.  Also, please consider signing the Retract the Winnipeg Statement petition to the Canadian Bishops, if you have already not done so.

Socon or Bust Keepers on Contraception
Ex-Cathedra Status of Humanae Vitae
D&P, The Winnipeg Snake, & The Strike at Episcopal Unity
Of Treacheries, Tikes, and Trinities
Eugenics & ContrAbortion
Contraception: The Language of War
The Birth Control Pill is the Abortion Pill
Popping Balloons: 10 Reasons Not to Contracept
Contraception: Sexual Idolatry Revealed
Against the Fathers
Coitus Interuptus: Satan’s Big Contraceptive Lie
The Battle of the Bond: The Rosary or Contraception
Contraception & The Moloch Generation
Winnipeg Statement Index Page
Humanae Vitae

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