One thought on ““Break Free from Contraception” Week (Nov.14-20)

  1. Condoms have an overall failure rate for preventing pregnancy of ten percent, and even a higher rate in the prevention of AIDS transmission, because the virus is so small. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health did high-powered X-ray examinations of latex surgical gloves similar to condom latex, and found lots of holes 5 microns in diameter. The AIDS virus is 0.1 microns, and can pass through such so-called “protective” latex without even touching the sides of the hole.

    There are 47 African Countries listed on the HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report, and they combined have just slightly more cases of HIV and AIDS than one North American Country, The United States Of America. The USA has the highest HIV and AIDS rate in the whole world.
    Why do you suppose that is?

    Political Science Professor J. Budziszewski states,” A final reason for feeling that one has landed on another planet is that Colleges and Universities are magnets for extreme beliefs, ideologies and cults. At one school campus feminists protested sex discrimination by marching into town topless ( Take that you sexists!) At another, homosexuals sponsored an outdoor gay “kiss-in”. An Art professor lists on her resume that she tied herself to another artist with a rope for a year. ( She said they never touched.) A Social Science Professor, offers a course every year on creating your own reality. ( He says it is very practical.) The sheer weirdness of the new environment puts some students into culture shock.”

    In Western Democracies citizens ought to break free from this new religion and world view of Politically Correct Relativism, in Government, Law and Education by decree and enforcement.
    In the guise of Separation Of Church and State, Christianity has been replaced by Politically Correct Relativism in Government, Law and Education. The consequences of remaining in this new religion and worldview are politically inescapable, unless many more Traditional Values Politicians are elected to our Legislatures and Parliament where Bills are passed into law.

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