Boyfriend hit girlfriend in the stomach with a pipe to ‘beat the baby out of her’ in domestic violence case that judge said was the worst he had ever seen

The emancipation of women’s bodies continues…

Cardiff Crown Court heard how 33-year-old Thomas also threatened to pull the terrified woman’s teeth out, hit her with a hammer before ordering her to make him a cup of tea, and frightened her so much that she wet herself.

Don’t forget to thank a feminist today…because that’s the kind of men that their culture has produced.  How’s that workin’ for them?

Feminists didn’t want real men, so they got themselves older adolescents…so innocent women (like the one in this article) can bear the brunt of the culture of wimpy, self-absorbed men that they are largely responsible for.   And the pathetic and sad thing is…they will try in vain and blame the only thing that can get them out if this mess:  Traditional Christianity and a robust masculinity.

4 thoughts on “Boyfriend hit girlfriend in the stomach with a pipe to ‘beat the baby out of her’ in domestic violence case that judge said was the worst he had ever seen

  1. To blame this poor woman for that man’s brutality is beyond callous. We don’t know whether she was a raving feminist or not. But the truth is feminists aren’t the only ones responsible for this mess. What about the legitimization of porn which started with Hugh Heffner’s Playboy – treating women as objects, combined with the introduction of the birth control pill. Are these all women’s fault as well?

  2. It’s not this woman’s fault. The violence perpetrated against this victim is due, in large part, because of Feminism which has created such a culture of wimpy men…which, in turn, was a reaction against a demotion of true femininity.

  3. Canada was a Christian Country in Government,Law and Education. We started every day with the Lord’s prayer,but in the sixties under the guise of Separation of Church and State;Pagan Secular Morality started to be Legislated and imposed,thus changing the character of Canada through it’s Education Establishments by The New so-called Democratic Order.
    The morality of a country is best judged by how we treat, and educate our own children. Taking the life of an innocent human being is morally wrong.
    By legalizing abortion and perversion to impressionable schoolchildren; Canada now teaches mothers not to love,but to kill even the babies in their wombs,and thus solve their problems. The fathers are taught that they do not have to take any responsibility at all for the children they have brought into the world;if they can talk the mothers into aborting them.Those fathers are likely to put other women into the same trouble. Any country that teaches it’s vulnerable schoolchildren perversion and abortion is not teaching it’s people to love,but to use and legalize any depravity to get what they want.This is the New Socially Engineered face of so-called Democratic Canada.

  4. I am sorry I have to disagree with you on this. My encounters with men since I was a mere teenager were that they wanted sex out of me, they promised love and all kinds of things (lies) when they had no intention of desiring anything close to commitment and responsibility and certainly nothing resembling love of even real friendship, yet they wanted a subservient woman they could either treat and objectify as someone less, i.e. to clean do their work, even support them because they are lazy and if they could have it their way they would allow someone else to support them. Heaven help the woman if shwe asked the man for help and she”needed” him. I encountered men who would say you should not need, you are needy, or do not depend on me, when the truth is they did not and do not want the responsibility to meet thr needs of the woman who loves them and will bedn over backwards for him, and his approval. Porn is a men’s business and it is men who started tyhe business of abortion in the first place so they would make money and not have women being full women, and loving her for being who she is needs and all. Also, If men became that way, experience dictates and as many will attest to, including Dr. Deacon Bob, it was not because their Mom of origin was not doing her best, but because the husband of their Mom and their “father” so called , but not really in any real sense of the word,was not available, an alcoholic,drug addict, porn addict, womanizer, abuser, etc. Either way, he also gave the example of treating women like crap to his sons, by how he treated their mother, and they were listening and watching, and these women were not “feminists’ according to the way you speak of. In fact they were stay at home Moms who if anything were more than submissive and doing things that they should not have to do, carrying burdens that were not theirs toi carry and did not want the roles of men that men refused to do. So… please,BECAUSE the man did not respect them and their true dignity, in ANY true fashion as women , than also as the wives that were given to them by God so they could learn to love them as God would have it.
    To these men,they wanted to have their cake and eat it too. Feminism is NOT the cause but rather the result. Stop blaming women. If men had been doing what men are called to do in the first place feminism would not have even occurred. You are not a woman and you do not know what a woman truly desires. She does indeed want a man, to be the man. If men had been doing just that there would be no feminism. She wants one man the one she gives herself to, to protect, provide, and be loyal and true to her and she will give herself completely and does in fact bend over backwards for this for men. Women will much more readily give their whole hearts, even after all the hurt, because that is how woman more then men resemble God.Men are the ones who hold back, all of them sleves and in doing so hurt themselves. They have more pride and have more trouble humbling themselves. Truth is men have not given this to women. Men who abuse do so, not because women have made them wimpy but because they hate women, from what ever example they have learned from their fathers or other men. It is a well know fact that the male son will take after the gender of his father, and thew women her mother.
    It has been going on since the beginning of time. Where pray tell was Adam when Eve was approached by the devil? Why was he not looking out for her? I have had also many experiences where men are only to happy to have the woman do almost everything for them, except of course they still want their own independence, and will not even consider what the woman has to offer in opinion of help. Ego and pride on their part. They want it that way the less responsibility the better. They desire power more than womwne and if women have fallen for Satan’s trap that the only way to survive this nightmare is by being like men, do not lie to yourself, who are not a woman by thinkinbg they want or desire it that way, cause they DON’T. As was already said . Men who still blame women are still trying to say they are the unreedeemed Eve.
    Do you actually think women like adopting feminism? Many did so because of the sheer brutality and unfairness in most of the secular world , and in fact in world where men like sex to be readily available to them without the complications of responsibilities and consequences that come with it. Men loved the ’60s when women were conned into believing that being sexual like men was the way to go. Please!. Again women went along with it because they thought this was the only way to be “equal” according to the world. Another lie of the devil. Why is it that a Godly man such as Deacon Bob Macdonald who has the Compassion, understanding and wisdom of Christ has no trouble understanding this while with others their default is always blame feminism. As was already said men who at some level hate women and even some women who hate women are still blaming women. God says stop the lies originating from Satan.!
    The first feminists as was said also before were Pro-life,(Susan B. Anthony e.g.), and said abortion stripped women of their dignity while taking away responsibility from men. Feminism is a reaction to what occurred before , it is not the cause. Granted, radical feminism , hijcked the original femists movment, and began a satanic like hatred stemming from women that pitted them against other men their children and other women, and has produced not what it started out to achieve, but again the devil has been very successful in his aim to pit men against women and vice versa. Since men are called to love first according to God, why do we not wait and see when men actually begin to start doing this en masse to see if things change. Wars and crime are predominantly much more
    populated with men, who love power and independance and yes men can take credit, that because women have felt that they could not be women that they had to be “men’ often , than not and certainly not by their own choosing(for example the countless women who have to raise children alone, cause the “father” of the children will not accept his responsibilities, or the woman who are not taken seriously, but are judged by their exterior appearance when it comes to jobs etc.the list goes on and on). I know many women who fell for the lie of seeking their identity in the workplace not because they wanted to neccessarily but because the men who fathered their children were not around, etc. and also perhpas becasuse she also had an absent abusive or sick father figure who was not around to show her she was his princess when she was little and deserved better. For instance I went out with a man who had a father with an ego problem , who treated his mom like crap,a sweet loving, devoted yet healthy not overly needy mom who was passive to this rambo type and he could not stand any woman ever asking anything of him, because ,he did not want to meet the needs of the woman he was with. He would take but not give. It certainly was not the influence of his mother that made him veer in this
    direction but watching his father treat his mother like crap, and I won’t go into details.
    In all of this what is missing is God and God’s understanding, wisdom and love and how God sees and knows the wounded
    hearts and why ‘isms arise.
    Believe me any woman who is honest with herself in no way desires to be manly, often the male has put her in that role because first he won’t be a man. Stop demonizing feminists. If they have allowed themselves to live degrading lives that are caricatures of their true femininity it is because they hate themselves and where did that arise from? Even women seeking out love from other women in lesbian relationships is not in the same vein as men, it is a distorted crying out for love so horribly perverted because women feel they no longer can trust men,and in fact , many have been abused and hurt by men and not longer trust them, and this has occurred often because of them being taken advantage of sexually first and foremost, as children and later and being valued by their sexual availability or desirability to a great number of the male population. I cannot say how often this has happened in my own life and at least one out of two women will if not already has experienced rape in their own lives often by the men who are called to love her in her family of origin, e.g. her father, step-father, uncle brother, cousin etc. It goes on and on.
    Give us Lord, your eyes.
    Let us pray for these people who cannot be anything but truly miserable since they have surrendered to the dark powers of this world, and have been deceived in a big way by the liar of all time, that they may know God’s love for them so immensely that they do not feel the need to try to be anything or anybody other than whom they were really intended to be- children of their beloved REAL Father God, His Son Jesus Christ and Beloved Holy Spirit and protected by their REAL Mother Our Blessed Virgin, Mother and Queen in Heaven- Mary, born for Him alone, and and Her and in order to know His Awesome Love, Mercy and to Glorify Him and do His Will and spend Blessed Eternity with Him and Her and all the Saints and Angels as well as those who have gone before us ,
    in Heaven forever and ever, Amen.

    Lord give us your heart

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