Bouncing out the pro-aborts

Surprised by the reaction to his pro-choice, pro-embryonic stem cell research comments made Saturday night at a Hillary Clinton political rally, St. Louis University basketball coach Rick Majerus spent part of Wednesday morning on the phone, trying to calm his elderly mother.”She was upset, thinking I was going to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church, and that I would be denied Communion during Mass,” Majerus said Wednesday night, in his first public comments over a controversy that included a strong rebuke from St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke. “But she told me to keep doing what I thought was right, just as my parents taught me.”

This week, Burke said St. Louis University should discipline Majerus for comments he made at the rally. Burke also said he’d deny Majerus holy Communion if the coach did not change his positions on abortion rights and embryonic stem cell research.

But if Burke is expecting an apology or silence from Majerus, it won’t happen. If Burke hopes Majerus will fall in line with the Roman Catholic church’s official positions on these two issues, it won’t happen. (Source)

And if you come up to receive holy communion, that won’t happen either. 🙂

It’s called freedom of association, in secular terms.  As an organization, the Catholic Church has every right to associate with people she wants to and, more importantly, the right NOT TO associate with people who clearly have opposing moral views.

And by the way, if the Bishop denies you holy communion, you are, for all intents and purposes, excommunicated. You’ve been cut off from the sacrament and are not “communing” any more.  And be sure to tell your mother that too since she told you to “keep on doing what you are doing”. Maybe both of you can then sit down and figure out if you both even believe in the Catholic faith anymore.

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