Bouncing on Ed

CALGARY/AM770CHQR – Concerned Christians Canada says it’s going to file a human rights complaint against Premier Ed Stelmach and Progressive Conservatives.

National Chair Jim Blake tells QR77’s Dave Rutherford the complaint stems from the premier’s decision to replace a couple of tory candidates in Calgary – Craig Chandler and Ron Leech.

The group claims both have been rejected as candidates because of their religious views. Chandler is running as an independent in Calgary-Egmont after the premier refused to sign his nomination papers.

The provincial tories also appointed a new candidate in Calgary-Montose after rejecting Ron Leech.
In Leech’s case, the party claims local tories did not follow the rules in their nomination process.  (Source)

I wish Craig well in his pursuit, but he must know that he doesn’t really stand a chance in his complaint.  He’s a Christian, Canada’s subclass constituency.

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