Bottled Water Week @ Socon or Bust This Week

This week at Socon or Bust we are celebrating Bottled Water Week

For years now, disturbed Leftists have been insisting that society ban bottled water.  Now that  Development & Peace’s war against mining companies failed, the next political target are the bottled-water companies.  In fact, their war against bottled water has taken on such fevered religious campaign that it has become the new dogma in certain parishes in Ottawa, even replacing the recitation of the Creed

It’s the new eco/marxist-religion on contraceptive steriods.

They want to ban access to certain kinds of water that are tainted with capitalist hands and ensure only the Marxists in government have sole control over the water we drink.  And it’s not only about control or access either. It’s about ensuring that all of the population drinks their hormoned-pumped tap water, as Steve G pointed out in an earlier post:

Rational people have good reasons to want to drink bottled water in North America.  Various studies have shown that our tap water contains all kinds of chemicals, including cocaine, steroids, medications, sex hormones and loads of other crap.  Watch this video from ABC News to understand how it gets there.  Environment Canada has confirmed that these results also apply to Canada.  There’s been all kinds of media coverage, from the CBC, to Fox News and even National Geographic. Some people — like me — drink bottled water in the hope that water from isolated springs in remote areas will be less contaminated with urban residuals.  I don’t have empirical evidence to prove that spring water is better, but I’m entitled to assume that it is. So can the bishops. Who is D&P to stop us? (Source)

In fact, the birth control pill side effect on public water systems has been rather frightening, and I’m reasonably certain that the “scientific community” will be telling us in the not too distant future of the link between various kinds of cancer (prostate, breast, etc.) and the chemically, sex-polluted water liberals have been responsible for these past 50 years.

So now after decades of practicing sterile sex and therefore pumping contraceptive chemicals into our public water system as a result, they now want to deny us access to purified water that doesn’t have the poisonous discharge of their sterile sex romps? Do I have that right?

And all for what? So they can hold on to some kind of failed social justice legacy, trying desperately to find meaning in their pathetic attempt to bring natural resources under the thumb of the Central Commitee?

In the mean time, we cede our freedoms to the Marxists in government who want to control access to the water we drink and the quality of it as well…even if it causes our deaths.

All good Marxists believe that if some of us have to get prostate cancer because of the water we drink, then all of us should drink the water.

It’s only fair.  It’s only social justice.

2 thoughts on “Bottled Water Week @ Socon or Bust This Week

  1. Our main source of water in my house is double distilled by the 18.5L bottle and we use one every two days. And that was way before your expose of D & P cause of pollutants like hormones and fluoride and metals in the tap water. Score one for us anti-Marxists!

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