Bottled water has saved countless lives in disaster areas

As part of Bottled-Water Week here at Socon or Bust, we’d like to take a moment to salute the great contribution of bottled water in saving so many human lives.  Despite what Development and Peace says, bottled water is a precious resource.

Thank God for bottled water

When serious disasters strike, the local water supply is often compromised and critical water infrastructure is destroyed.  In those instances, bottled water must be rushed in from around the world to save the survivors.

For this great contribution to humanity, we salute you, bottled water.

Bottled water was essential in many disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and all manner of floods, fires and other calamities.  The earthquake in Haiti earlier this year provided a prime  illustration of bottled water’s crucial importance.

When the earthquake hit Haiti on  January 12, 2010, the extent of the destruction was colossal.  An estimated 230,000 people died and a total of 3 million people were affected.  May the Lord have mercy on them.

The outpouring of humanitarian aid was spectacular.   Bottled water figured prominently among the relief supplies.  As is typical, the military was pivotal in getting the supplies to their destination quickly.  In fact, most of the heavy lifting was done by the U.S. military.  This must have been doubly aggravating for the lefty social justice crowd who usually don’t like the military and tend to dislike Americans.

In recognition for their valuable work, I tip my hat to the military.  I’m always impressed by their ability to mobilize in a flash and get the job done despite difficult conditions.  They have their own equipment, their own protocols and very disciplined personnel who can work around the clock on a moment’s notice and deliver aid to the most isolated locations.

To give an example, just 3 days after the earthquake, on January 15, the USS Carl Vinson, a “supercarrier” (giant aircraft carrier) of the US navy arrived with 600,000 rations of food and 100,000 ten-litre containers of water.  Simply amazing.

A sincere thank you to all the military that helped provide food and bottled water to the Haitian people.

We also owe some sincere gratitude  to those “evil” multinational companies that produce the bottled water.  You know, the ones that Development and Peace wants to put out of business?  It turns out that Nestlé donated $1 million in bottled water.  Crystal Springs and Ice River Springs Water donated 1 million bottles.  Aquafina and Dasani also chipped in.

Now if you press D&P on this issue (assuming, of course, that they were willing to dialogue with you, which is a tenuous assumption) they’d concede that bottled water is useful in these situations but bad for every other circumstance.  The problem with that logic is that if you ban bottled water from “normal” consumption (i.e. non-emergency situations) you’d essentially put those companies out of business.  Consequently, when a disaster strikes, you wouldn’t be able to fall back on those companies to supply those millions of white-and-blue bottles.

Not a good time to offer a D&P pledge card?

So what would D&P’s contingency plan be?  Maybe they’d have a government bureaucrat on standby, with a hose in his hand and a dusty warehouse full of empty bottles?  Not gonna work.  Trust me.  I’ve spent my whole career working in government.  We’re the absolute worst when it comes to dealing with the unexpected.

"I was thirsty and you gave me to drink"

One last note.  Haiti has a deep Catholic heritage.  Despite the devastation, the faithful kept celebrating the sacraments, most notably the Holy Mass.  Do you know that a drop of water must be placed in the Chalice during the Offertory?  Where do you think they got that water?  From a filthy puddle outside?

From bottled water, of course. So bottled water even played a small part in transmitting God’s sanctifying grace to souls. Imagine that.

Lord, comfort your people

God bless you, young man

For all these gifts, we sincerely say: Thank God for bottled water.

4 thoughts on “Bottled water has saved countless lives in disaster areas

  1. Amen!!! My parish has been giving out the whole D&P anti bottled water campaign B.S. in our Sunday bulletins. Sign me up for ‘bottled water’ week,..(I’ll walk into Mass stand at the door like Triple H, flex my lats, drink and spit water everywhere!! 🙂 ..Yes I’m a WWE fan!)

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