Boston terror suspects are jihadists…

… but your gut already knew, right? See the story from Fox here.

Yet, the consensus media is once again very quiet about the subject. Surprise surprise. They won’t give you the facts because you might just go out and develop your own opinion. We can’t have that. Only the consensus opinion is allowed.

A number of American Islamic groups have publicly denounced the attack. Good. But we need a lot more than denunciations whenever a bomb goes off. What’s more important is what happens in between terror attacks, when every mosque should be pounding home the message that terrorism is not part of Islam.

While it’s true that only a minority of Muslims approve of these violent acts, that small group is doing an awful lot of damage. The two terror suspects in Boston had been living in the US for quite some time and were worshiping at a local mosque. So there was plenty of opportunity for them to hear about the peaceful Islam. Did they? This doesn’t mean that the local mosque is to blame, of course. They can’t read minds and couldn’t know the intentions of the two suspects. But the roots of Jihadism run deep in Boston. Remember that two of the planes that crashed on 9/11 took off from Boston. There appears to be an active jihadist network there.

If the world is ever to be rid of Islamic terrorism, the solution will likely have to come from within Islam, with the moderates converting the radicals. Jihadists certainly won’t listen to Christians or secular politicians. Only moderate Muslims have a chance at reaching them.

2 thoughts on “Boston terror suspects are jihadists…

  1. I’m not as optimistic as you are Mr. Pacheco that the so-called moderates within Islam can make a difference. I refer you to Robert Spencer’s book ‘Not peace but a sword’
    By its very nature Islam is not a peace-loving faith. Its goal is to convert all infidels, if not by persuasion then by intimidation and violence.

  2. Hi Helene,

    John didn’t write that post, but we both agree with you. I merely said that moderate “Muslims have a chance”, not that it was likely to happen.

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