Bono’s Bust and the Charity Hustlers

September 30, 2010 (C-FAM) – A rock star’s scandal and a surprising critique of aid programs last week underscored heightened criticism of international development efforts.

The two incidents upended the intended message of a summit on UN development policies, reflecting a growing disconnect between rhetoric and development results.

Rock star Bono, front man of the Irish group U2, was caught violating his own call for greater transparency and accountability, which he made in an op-ed piece for the New York Times. His opinions inspired the New York Post to examine the finances of Bono’s own ONE Foundation, uncovering an emerging scandal widely reported by the media.

It seems ONE had $15 million in public donations during 2008, but distributed less than $200,000 to private charities combating poverty, according to IRS records.  The charity spent more than $8 million on salaries. The remainder went to advocacy, including pricey gift boxes hand-delivered to newsrooms to influence coverage of the UN summit….

Like I have been saying all along with these so-called ‘charity’ outfits (like Development & Peace, for instance):  don’t be the useful idiot and help line some liberal’s pocket with millions

Whether it goes to their pet Marxist causes (which include abortion advocacy as a matter of principle) or whether it goes to line the pockets of their lackies, it’s not going to where it’s supposed to go.

If you blindly give because some slick charity hustler says “‘give to the poor’ by unloading the contents of your wallet with me and my fine organization”, you’ll be accountable to God for blowing His money when you should have known better.

You’ll be accountable on one level…and those placed in greater authority over you who do the same will bear even a greater responsibility because they are squandering the Lord’s treasury. (Cf. Matthew 25:26-28)

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