Blowback Reflection

Read about it here for the round up.

A lot of the professional class in the Catholic establishment like to pooh-pooh and downplay what’s going on in Rome.  They call us “reactionaries” because we’re damn mad that Catholic teaching is being attacked.  Well, I’d rather be a “reactionary” than someone who is brain dead and comatose.

The reality is that we pray, hope, and have every confidence that the Church will be victorious over the garbage being spewed out by the modernist coup at the Synod.  The façade of unity is quickly eroding as everyone starts to figure out who the good guys are and who the heretics are.  That’s gonna come in very handy at the next Conclave where the next Pope chosen will have THE LAW tattooed to every Cardinal’s forehead who comes out on to the balcony.

In the last few days, the liberals have been getting their comeuppance, and there is no end is sight either.  The Catholic blogosphere will not relent. We’ll keep pounding and calling bloody-murder until we win.

The champagne crowd doesn’t understand that God works through those who want to mix it up to get a final result.  The only reason (at least from what is perceptible) that the boat is starting to turn around is because of the blowback Rome has received from real Catholics.

We will not accept the demonic drivel in that document.  And thank God we have more bloggers who are willing to go to war than the Neville Chamberlain types who have peace, tranquility, and serenity on their lips as Rome burns.  It’s good to know the sober adults are in charge of the resistance.

9 thoughts on “Blowback Reflection

  1. With due respect, the “Catholic blogosphere”???? What, all ten of you? Whatever our leadership decides will, frankly, not be influenced by your raging comments. It will be decided by cardinals that will voice what the majority of Catholics want. That would be a proper Synod.

    • Unfortunately, Jon, the Synod isn’t currently being decided by the cardinals. It’s being manipulated by a select few in opposition to Jesus Christ. That’s not what the Church should be.

    • Sure they will. You just have to have faith. You obviously have not been around the internet long. Blogs matter and so do the thousands of people who comment on them. God works in mysterious ways.

  2. Excuse me, but isn’t the 1st commandment – No GODS before GOD???

    Why does the church preach the words of a man named James that happened to be a King that wanted to live for forever…as his words do as that of God???

    Isn’t Rome waking up to the fact that putting Gods son Jesus before God is a cardinal Sin…Yes, why yes they are, and in the final days of the words of men acting as that of God, men will realize the devils greatest trick was convincing us all that putting the son before the FATHER was somehow the right thing to do…convincing us all that it doesn’t exist this whole time…the nature within us all that is the Virgin, the living sacrifice as it has no point of reference to what’s actually going on?

    Again, the first ammendment & all…don’t even get me started on how mankind has been using the name of God for war of countries to kill Gods people who HE made & placed on HIS earth.

    How has the devil won thus far? We don’t seek our Father, as we are content with the ideals mankind attached to his son…what about His daughter, alive & walking this earth as we speak?

    What do the egos of men who combined the going ideals of our Creator at the time & compliled them into a book of ‘truth’…what will they say about her? What has our Father attached to her based on the stories believed about His son by His people that no longer seek Him???

    • Jesus IS God, God the Son, the 2nd Person of the Holy Trinity. There is no idolatry here by calling Jesus God. You don’t seem to be a Christian if you deny Jesus’ divinity.

  3. If you go to the About Us page on the site I’ve shared my time with ‘Father-Time’ aka, the Holy Spirit.

    I was told I was chosen by Him at age 7, He also told me that I’m not here for any of ‘them’, & He asked me to tell people some truths for Him…so I am.

    My souls was ‘saved’ @ age 15, & given back to me at age 33…we’re all about to experience a shift in reality…no more lies, pain, confusion, ignorance, or loneliness.

    We get to meet HIM in this life, for this life, and its next =-D

  4. This is what happens when Christianity is taken out of Western Democratic Government,Law,Education and Entertainment,and declared unconstitutional.The vacuum is filled with self proclaimed prophets saying.”this way to God or He/She is here,I will show him/her to you etc.” Since Western Society Changed it’s State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion to so-called ‘Neutral” Secular Paganism starting in 1962 in Government,Law ,Education, Entertainment etc., every year The Education Establishments put out Pagans with their own perception of what is Politically Correct. Christianity is taught to them as causing all the evils in the World not so-called ‘Neutral” Secular or any other kind of Paganism. That is one of the reasons morbid homosexuality and all types of perversion is normalized to schoolchildren from Kindergarten by adults who ought to know better, as so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan human rights.

  5. If you know the black Pope, ask him if he was told that while sharing time & space with the Holy Spirit & another person who the Holy Spirit asked (not the black pope) “If they were who Jesus was talking about” how they’d feel about the church in todays times?

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