Blood Money Day 265 – It’s Dec. 3 – Where is the report?

Back in October, the CCCB informed LifeSiteNews that the conclusions of the Development & Peace abortion scandal were not to be made public until after December 2. Here is the report from LSN:

The deliberations and conclusions of the Canadian Bishops regarding Development and Peace (D&P) are to be kept confidential till after the meeting of the Permanent Council of the CCCB. That meeting is currently set for December 2, 2009. The confidential deliberations over D&P, the international development arm of the CCCB, are taking place this week and will in part address the contents of an LSN exposé on groups funded by D&P. LSN presented verifiable evidence in a series of reports that numerous groups in receipt of D&P funding advocate for abortion, or are otherwise involved in activities deeply contrary to Catholic moral teaching. (Source)

Well, today is December 3. It’s the day after the meeting of the Permanent Council of the CCCB, and it represents 265 days since the first allegations against Development & Peace were made.

What is the decision?  What is going to be done?  We want answers.

We want to know when the cash transfers to these 41 groups is going to stop.  (And God only knows what the true number is.)

When is the blood money going to stop flowing to each and everyone of these groups?

We’re not going to take our eye off of this chart and the groups listed in it. 

As of this date, all of these groups are still receiving Canadian Catholic Money.

When is the blood money going to stop flowing?  We deserve to know.


Pro-Abort/Anti-Catholic Groups Funded by the Canadian Bishops      
No. D&P Partner Country Advocacy Source  
1 PRODH Mexico Abortion LSN
2 Mexican Network for Action Regarding Free Trade Mexico Abortion LSN  
3 Center for Economic and Political Research for Community Action Mexico Abortion LSN
4 National Center for Social Communication Mexico Abortion LSN
5 All Rights for Everyone Network Mexico Abortion LSN
6 CPSI Bolivia Abortion NCReg
7 WARDC Nigeria Reproductive “Rights” SCB|LSN
8 AFJB Benin Abortion SCB|LSN
9 CONAG – DCF Guinea Abortion SCB|LSN
10 FAMME Togo Contraception SCB| LSN
11 Movimento de Mulheres Camponesas Brazil Abortion SCB|LSN
12 FASE Brazil Abortion SCB|LSN
13 Kay Fanm Haiti Abortion SCB|LSN
14 Fanm Deside Haiti Abortion SCB|LSN
15 CAMPO Mexico Abortion LSN
16 Fokupers East Timor Abortion, Anti-Catholicism SCB|LSN
17 CLOC Peru Abortion LSN
18 Comaletzin Mexico Abortion LSN
19 March 8th Women’s Collective Nicaragua Abortion SCB|LSN
20 EMAS Mexico Abortion LSN
21 ALAI Ecuador Abortion, Anti-Catholicism LSN
22 YARAC Nigeria Contraception SCB|LSN
23 CNR Peru Abortion LSN
24 GRESP Peru Abortion LSN
26 CENPOSEP Bolivia Reproductive “Health” SCB  
27 ECAM Bolivia Reproductive “Health” SCB  
28 CENTRAC Brazil Abortion SCB  
29 CANTERA Nicaragua Reproductive “Health”, Anti-Catholic SCB  
30 DEICIDAMOS Paraguay Anti-Family SCB  
31 Réseau Siggil Jigéen Senegal Reproductive “Health” SCB  
32 GETNET South Africa Contraception SCB  
33 WfC South Africa Reproductive “Health” SCB  
34 Freedom from Debt Coalition Philippines Contraception SCB  
35 PETA Philippines Reproductive “Rights”, Anti-Catholicism SCB  
36 LOCOA Pan Asiatic Abortion SCB  
37 KPI Indonesia Reproductive “Rights” SCB  
38 Rede Feto East Timor Abortion SCB  
39 Banteay Srei Cambodia Reproductive “Rights” SCB  
40 CHEC Cambodia Contraception SCB  
41 Ecuarunari Ecuador Reproductive “Rights”, Anti-Catholic SCB


One thought on “Blood Money Day 265 – It’s Dec. 3 – Where is the report?

  1. John,
    FYI, I checked the bishop’s site yesterday. (just in case they did not email you directly). No sign on the cccb site yet.
    I hope and pray that the truth will trump the collegiality of our bishops.

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