Blood boil advisory in effect

The Canadian Blood Services is considering lifting the lifetime ban on gay blood donations.

They’d better have irrefutable evidence that they can flawlessly detect any pathogens in a donor’s blood, otherwise we’re gonna have a contaminated blood system. We’ll have to boil the blood before accepting a transfusion.

Don’t let this go down as another instance of political correctness overriding sanity and public safety.¬†Express you concerns today, before your loved ones need a blood transfusion:

5 thoughts on “Blood boil advisory in effect

  1. THis is one instance where I don’t care about religion in this issue. This is a health issue! Blood is a biological product, and is therefore NEVER 100% safe. They are seriously risking someone’s health. Not to mention that with certain diseases like HIV, the general window of non-detection is about 6 months (maybe less with the better methods) but still, if a fresh new carrier were to give blood … yeah you get the picture. And as great as the advances are in medical laboratory technologies, they aren’t 100% perfect. more like 99% in the best of cases.

  2. According to Health Canada HIV and AIDS in Canada Surveillance Report for April 2006 on page 60, we read that eighty-five percent of AIDS in Canada is in MALES WHO HAVE SEX WITH MALES ! Not healthy and beneficial behavior is it ? The Centers of Disease Control always have found very high HIV and AIDS in the homosexual population.

    ” Gay bowel syndrome ” describes a well documented collection of bowel diseases that lead to a mechanical dysfunction of the lower bowel tract. However unknown to the public because of a near total pro-homosexual education, government, court, and media blackout, These are endemic to the homosexual population. Not healthy beneficial or normal is it ?

    Homosexual scientists Simon Lavay and Dean Hammer pretend to have found a homosexual gene, but no other scientists anywhere can replicate the experiments to prove this. Why then do magazines, Newspapers, the media, governments, schools, courts and now the church promote this BS meaning Bad Science? Politically Correct Relativism that all views are equally true and beneficial is nonsense.
    Why is the homosexual behavior promoted in our schools as healthy, beneficial and normal when it’s not? Has our Western Civilization gone stark raving mad? Can reason be proven by non-reason?

    The late professor C.S.Lewis has a book and CD, series titled ” THE FOUR LOVES. ” Perhaps it’s time for people to know what love really is? Kinsey’s definition is nonsense.
    One of the attributes of our God is Omniscience. All the data on the consequences of living contrary to His design prove this.

  3. Through reasoned debate using verifiable evidence, we must defeat harmful ideas and bad legislation while we show love and respect to the people promoting them. Like we did in 2008 by convincing Parliament to stop the loop hole that allowed the legal trafficking of Canadian children.

  4. Dr. Maria Crenshaw, asked 800 professionals at the World Congress of Sexology, “If you had available the partner of your dreams, and knew that person carried the HIV virus would you rely on a condom for protection ?”
    Not a single person raised a hand !
    She accused them all of giving irresponsible advice to youth.
    Condoms have an overall failure rate for preventing pregnancy of ten percent and even a higher rate in the prevention of AIDS transmission because the virus is so small. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health did high-powered X-ray examinations of latex surgical gloves similar to condom latex and found lots of holes 5 microns in diameter. The AIDS virus is 0.1 microns, and can pass through such ” protective ” latex without even touching the sides of the hole.
    Africa has 53 countries and all these counties combined have almost the same amount of HIV and AIDS Infection as one North American country, The United States Of America. Our Education Establishment , Courts and Government are still giving irresponsible advise enforced by police. Politically Correct Relativism by decree.

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