Bloggers Influence Vatican

Da tempo i bloggers di cose religiose sono una voce importante del web. I loro blog vengono letti in Vaticano. Fanno opinione. Dico di più: influenzano le decisioni nei piani alti.

For some time, bloggers on religious matters have been an important voice on the web. Their blogs are read in the Vatican. They influence opinions. I would say more: they influence decisions on the upper floors. (Source)

Maybe the occasional visit by the Vatican to Socon or Bust isn’t the janitor, after all.

This little revelation also explains why CanChurch wants so much to control the Catholic blogosphere and empty and neuter it.

Sorry, ain’t gonna happen.  The very nature of the Catholic blogopshere is not to go along to get along, but really to get at the truth.

If the powerbrokers in CanChurch think otherwise, they’re in for a rude awakening.

One thought on “Bloggers Influence Vatican

  1. I’ve had the odd visit to my blog from and admittedly, it gives a little joy to wonder who it might be. Now in my case, it might be a Toronto priest friend in the Secretariat of State but who knows; perhaps it is a certain Secretary or Curial Cardinal, or perhaps…just maybe…. Regardless, we are making an impact and the powers that be are afraid.

    The irony is that if Father Rosica (this will get me a letter from him, I’m sure) is organising this conference (or editing out certain applications) let him; he is not needed, nor is his cable station.

    All Catholics need to stand up against these little fascists.

    They can’t control the blogosphere any more than they could the printing press. You think they would have realised this.

    I can’t wait for his next outrage of apoplectic discombobulation. Because the next time, it’s all going to be unloaded.

    It is high time his Superiors in his Congegation and the funders behind Pepper & Darkness told him to yield; and if they won’t the rest of us will.

    Enough is enough.

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