Blogger Hobbits Keep Up Pressure, Get Results

From a reader…

Remember their bulletin announcement last month advertising their Wednesday night Mass as an acceptable substitute for one’s Sunday obligation?  By the grace of God they’ve retracted that breach of doctrine while making some flimsy excuse as to why; now I wonder if our efforts are paying off.  They are still advertising yoga and reiki healing though.

2 thoughts on “Blogger Hobbits Keep Up Pressure, Get Results

  1. rrbill, People like John and I care about things like what go on at St. Joseph’s Ottawa for two reasons: the good of the Church and the destination of souls. St Joseph’s was telling people it’s ok to miss Mass on Sunday. As you should know, it’s a precept of the Church to attend Mass on Sunday – not Wednesday. Not fulfilling your Sunday obligation is a mortal sin. One mortal sin on the soul at death condemns it to Hell for all eternity.

    Life is supposed to be difficult as is living the faith. Think of the martyrs…actually, think of Christ dying on the Cross.

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